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Reasons to upgrade to Enterprise Manager 13.2

Before, during and after the Open World, I have received numerous queries on the release of Enterprise Manager 13.2. This is an important release for Enterprise Manager 12c customers whose Premier Support expires this month and who traditionally wait for the release 2 of any product before upgrading, and for customers who have already upgraded to 13c, but want their critical issues addressed. And there are specific capabilities that are sought for by a specific set of...

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Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c: Centralized Administration and Auditing of Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c enables administrators to perform administration operations against Oracle WebLogic Server as well as to view the audit records for those operations.  Traditionally, administrators were required to use the WebLogic Server Administration Console or the Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control console to administer their domain. However, administration and configuration operations are available directly from theOracle...

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Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c: Track Compliance with the Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG)

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c enables administrators to track compliance of their WebLogic Server environments to the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG).  The Security Technical Implementation Guide contains technical guidance to “lock down” information systems and software that might otherwise be vulnerableto a malicious computer attack. Originally published by the Defense Information...

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DBaaS RESTful API Cook Book

Having a GUI tool like Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to manage your entire data center is an imperative for most enterprises these days. But in the cloud paradigm, you must also have a uniform API that can be used to tailor the cloud to your business processes and economic models. That API is known as the REST API, and services based on that are known as RESTful services. With the latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager, enhancements have been made to the REST API to...

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Snap Cloning Databases on Exadata using Enterprise Manager

Historically, Exadatahas mostly been deployed for heavy, production workloads, leaving cheap commodity hardware and third-party storage to perform as infrastructure for Development and Testing. From the viewpoint of Enterprise Manager, we have seen customers clone production databases running on Exadata to secondary storage such as ZFS Storage Appliance or even third-party NAS or SAN for the purpose of testing. Customers mainly used RMAN (with or without Enterprise Manager)...

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Data Clone and Refresh (part 1)

In mid January we released the latest version of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, the 12cR4 Plugin Update.  This release included many enhancements in the cloud management space, making it the complete DBaaS automation solution.  The main areas of enhancement are: Self Service Portal and Service Catalog, including add and remove standby capabilities, externalized database size and improved customization Cloud Framework, with an improved self serviceportal, role and service...

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