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YouTube: How to Setup and Use Minecraft Forge

Geertjan's Blog | /JavaFX | April 26, 12:01 PM PDT | By Geertjan-Oracle

Quite impressed by Minecraft Forge, as well as how well it integrates via the Gradle plugin into NetBeans IDE:

Solaris 11 Zones & ZFS Sessions in Hyderabad

My Learning Curve | /Oracle | April 26, 07:05 AM PDT | By Rajeshr-Oracle

My last week's engagement on OU programs around Solaris 11 zones and Solaris 11 ZFS at Hyderabad concluded on Saturday. Thanks to each of the training delegates in the picture below for active participation and co-operation during the program. ...

Java Embedded helps IoT

SOA & BPM Partner Community Blog | /Community Events | April 26, 06:31 AM PDT | By Juergenkress-Oracle

Java Embedded helps you securely manage your embedded challenges & drive shorter time to value for the Internet of Things (IoT). Watch the video here SOA & BPM Partner Community For regular information on Oracle SOA...

Docker – Take Two – Starting From Windows with Lin...

WebLogic Partner Community EMEA | /Community Events | April 26, 06:29 AM PDT | By Juergenkress-Oracle

My first attempt with Docker was from my Windows host machine using boot2docker, as described in this article: https://technology.amis.nl/2015/03/15/my-first-steps-with-docker-starting-from-windows-as-the-host/ . Boot2docker is a great tool for being able...

Top Page : メモリグリッド情報は、まずはここから!

Oracle Coherence - メモリグリッド、インメモリKVS/NoSQL | /05.インフォメーション | April 26, 03:42 AM PDT | By Coherence Keeper-Oracle

セミナー情報 : 6月10日 オラクル ミドルウェアフォーラム 2014 事例情報(国内中心) B2C/Eコマース 金融および関連サービス 通信サービス ...

[事例] リアルタイムコンピューティングプラットフォームとしての活用

Oracle Coherence - メモリグリッド、インメモリKVS/NoSQL | /03.導入事例 | April 26, 03:41 AM PDT | By Coherence Keeper-Oracle

Oracle CloudWorld 2015 2日目の基調講演のゲストとして ソフトバンク様にご登壇いただきました。その際の講演記事からの抜粋です。 ”そしてこれらを支えるリアルタイムコンピューティングプラットフォームがChronos Coreだ。Exadataとインメモリデータグリッド「Oracle Coherence」をベースに業務システム、実績分析などを搭載する。" 詳しくは、下記サイトをご覧ください。 ...

EMEA Annual Meeting - Oracle Data Integration Part...

Data Integration Solutions (DIS) Partner Community | /Community Events | April 26, 02:54 AM PDT | By Milomir.Vojvodic-Oracle

Dear Partners, we would like to thank to all that showed interest and attended Oracle Data Integration Track within the Oracle EMEA Partner Community Forum - which took place on 14th-16th April 2015. in Budapest, Hungary. We hope that...

Collaborate 15 - Thank You Partners

Get Specialized! As an Oracle Partner. | /Collaborate | April 25, 10:17 AM PDT | By Get.Specialized!-Oracle

Once again the Oracle PartnerNetwork team took the Oracle Partner Lounge on the road and recognized OPN Partners who were at Collaborate 2015 supporting the Oracle user community. Oracle Partners work hard throughout the year keeping current and take new OPN...

Exadata 硬件构架简介

Oracle 集成系统及白金服务官方博客 | /Exadata | April 25, 09:52 AM PDT | By Roger Song-Oracle

今年发布的X5已经是Exadata的第六代产品了。 过去的几年中,经历了用户数量的爆发增长,以及客户核心业务的考验,产品在一代一代的更迭中已经愈加成熟,在功能特点上也更加鲜明。 作为Oracle集成系统的售后支持团队,今后,我们将以多种形式,逐步介绍Oracle集成系统的特点和使用方法。 对于集成系统的新用户或潜在用户,您可以借此了解产品的特点和功能。 如果您是集成系统的老用户,我们也希望能为您提供更多的使用经验和产品知识,包括一些重要的更新。  期盼能以此为桥梁,增加支持团队与用...

Collaborate 15 Photo Summary 1

Get Specialized! As an Oracle Partner. | /Collaborate | April 25, 08:56 AM PDT | By Get.Specialized!-Oracle

Collaborate is the largest annual gathering of the Oracle user community. If you haven't had the opportunity to go, its an experience Oracle professionals should considering doing at least once. And as is falls halfway between Oracle OpenWorlds, its also a...

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