Larry Ellison: Oracle Makes Moving to the Cloud Faster, Easier, Cheaper

Companies using Oracle Soar to the Cloud can upgrade from on-premises applications to Oracle Cloud in as few as 20 weeks.

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Why Internet Volatility Is a Critical Business Issue

The good news: If your company has the right visibility into its network assets, it can prepare for whatever disruption the world’s troublemakers unleash next.

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Why Gorillas and Humans Need Each Other to Survive

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International focuses on the conservation of gorillas and their habitat through a holistic approach that includes daily monitoring, research, education, and ecosystem health services.

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Get Ready for Oracle OpenWorld 2018

Check out the session catalog for this year's lineup of keynotes, product demos, and collective learning sessions.

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Tips for IT Security Risk Assessments

Oracle Chief Security Officer Mary Ann Davidson offers advice for streamlining supplier-customer communication.

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Announcing GraalVM: Run Programs Faster Anywhere

GraalVM 1.0 gives developers a speedy polyglot runtime.

A New Weapon in the War to Protect Your Data

Oracle releases new database security assessment tool.

Oracle's No-Cost Platinum-Level Support Is the New Baseline in the Cloud Market

For the Polyglot Developer, Lots to Learn at London Code

Bitcoin and Blockchain Myths, Debunked

How Customers and Vendors Benefit from Self-Serve

Why Now Is the Time for ERP in the Cloud

5 Subjects Every Computer Science Student Should Learn

How to Turn Your Data into Profit

Can Data Be Exciting?

Pursue your passion for chasing meanings hidden from view in the data. That’s where value lives.

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