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How to Define Table-Validated Lists of Values in Web ADI

I am pleased to announce a new video tutorial on defining table-validated Lists of Values using the Oracle Web Application Desktop Integrator (Web ADI).  One of the common requirements for List of Values in a Web Application Desktop Integrator spreadsheet is to display user-friendly values in a desktop-based spreadsheet but upload a corresponding identifier or code to the E-Business Suite. You can learn how to do this in this new tutorial.

Using the List of Values component with Web ADI

Oracle Web Application Desktop Integrator supports Oracle E-Business Suite’s user interface components such as List of Values (LOV) in spreadsheets. In a Web Application Desktop Integrator spreadsheet, a List of Values can be displayed as a pop-list or as a standard Search and Select view. A table-validated List of Values is a type of List of Values that not only displays set of values from a table, but also ensures that the value uploaded to Web Application Desktop Integrator Interface is valid. 

The Desktop Integration Framework allows you to create custom desktop integrators for Web Application Desktop Integrator in E-Business Suite Release 12. You can define table-validated List of Values components for data uploaded from spreadsheets to the Oracle E-Business Suite.



What is in this tutorial?

This step-by-step video tutorial walks you through the following:


  1. Prepare Database Objects
  2. Create Custom Integrator
  3. Define Table List of Values Component
  4. Associate Table List of Values Component to Interface Attribute
  5. Define Layout for Integrator
  6. Preview Integrator
  7. Verify uploaded data

Your feedback is welcome

This is our first video tutorial and we're very interested in feedback.  Please post a comment here or drop us an email directly with your thoughts.




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