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  • September 11, 2015

Oracle Big Data Discovery v1.1 is Ready

Peter Schutt
Senior Director

Oracle Big Data Discovery version 1.1 includes major new functionality as well as hundreds of enhancements, providing new value for customers and addressing key feedback from the 1.0 release. Highlights and benefits include:

  • More Hadoop: Big Data Discovery now runs on Hortonworks HDP 2.2.4+, in addition to Cloudera CDH 5.3+. That makes BDD the first Spark-based big data analytics product to run on the top two Hadoop distributions, significantly expanding the user community. In addition, the changes that enable BDD to run on Hortonworks also make it easier to port to other distributions, paving the way for even broader community in the future. For Cloudera CDH, customers have the option to run BDD 1.1 on the Oracle Big Data Appliance as part of an Engineered System or commodity hardware; for Hortonworks HDP, customers can run BDD on commodity hardware.
  • More data: Customers can now access enterprise data sources via JDBC, making it easy to mash up trusted corporate data with big data in Hadoop. BDD 1.1 elegantly handles changes across all this data, enabling full refreshes, incremental updates, and easy sample expansions. All data is live, which means changes are reflected automatically in visualizations, transformations, enrichments, and joins. BDD 1.1 includes all Oracle Endeca Information Discovery functionality and more.
  • More visual: Dynamic visualizations fuel discovery – but no product can include every visualization out-of-the-box. This release includes a custom visualization framework that allows customers and partners to create and publish any visual and have it behave like it’s native to BDD. Combined with new visualizations and simpler configuration, this streamlines the creation of discovery dashboards and rich, reusable discovery applications.
  • More wrangling: Big Data Discovery is unique in allowing customers to find, explore, transform, and analyze big data all within a single product. This release significantly extends BDD Transform, making it both easier and more powerful. New UIs make it easy to derive structure from messy Hadoop sources, guiding users through common functions, like extracting entities and locations, without writing code. Transformation scripts can be shared and published, driving collaboration, and scripts can be scheduled, automating enrichment. Transform also includes a redesigned custom transformation experience and the ability to call external functions (such as R scripts), providing increased support for sophisticated users. Together with an enhanced architecture that makes committing transformations much faster, these capabilities greatly accelerate data wrangling.
  • More security: Secure data and analytics are a hot topic in the big data community. BDD 1.1 addresses this need by supporting Kerberos for authentication (both MIT and Microsoft versions); enabling authorization via Studio (including integration with LDAP) to support Single Sign-on (SSO); and providing security at both project and dataset levels. These options allow customers to leverage their existing security and extend fine-grained control to big data analytics, ensuring people see exactly what they should.
  • More virtual: BDD 1.1 joins the many of the key big data technologies that part of Oracle's big data platform in the Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine for testing and educational purposes.
  • Learn more at oracle.com/big-data.

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  • Divina staffy Tuesday, July 12, 2016
    great post even ! social media is so valuable to organization of all size it's a real shame when some use it badly. this post will hopefully mean fewer bussinesses do the things you have highlighted
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