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When will my Oracle bug fix or enhancement request be released?

Steven Chan
Senior Director

As EBS customers using mission-critical software, you are naturally curious about when you will get fixes for bugs that you've reported.  It's also understandable that you'd like to know when certain enhancements will be delivered.

Oracle tracks all bugs and enhancement requests in a single massive database, which we use for released and unreleased products. This centralized database is an amazing accomplishment: it's a treasure trove of detailed technical analyses, debates, development decisions, and future plans.

Locked down by default

Oracle's Revenue Recognition policies place strict boundaries on the type of information that can be shared about unreleased products.  The centralized nature of the bug database makes for some conundrums around external disclosure, since it can sometimes be very tricky to determine whether something is a bug fix or an enhancement, and whether the codeline is already released or not.

For maximum safety, all Oracle staff are required to take the most-conservative stance by default:

  • We are not permitted to discuss release dates or release vehicles.

This is true regardless of whether you're speaking with someone in Oracle Support, Development, Sales, Consulting, or any other Oracle functions. This covers nearly all variants of the question, "When will ___ be { fixed | certified | released }?"

You shouldn't be surprised or disappointed if you get an answer that boils down to, "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that I can't provide any information specific dates or release vehicles." 

Please be gentle with our messengers; they're just doing their job.

Escalated Severity 1 situations

There may be special circumstances for Severity 1 bugs that have severe negative impact on production environments. If you have an escalated Severity 1 Service Request that meets these criteria, an Oracle Escalation Manager can assist further.

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