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Upgrading From EBS R11i to R12 Using a Staged System

Robert Farrington
Applications Technology Integration
Upgrades are always time-consuming and complex, so anything that makes the task easier and reduces the downtime needed is worth investigating. A newly-supported technique for upgrading from Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i to Release 12.1.1 involves use of a staged Applications system, in an extension to the already proven usefulness of this approach to patching within an EBS version. We've recently expanded the following note to provide full details of the steps needed: How does this work? Traditionally, a staged Applications system represents an exact physical copy of a production system,including all APPL_TOPs and the production database. You can apply patches to a staged system while the production system remains in operation. After that, you connect the staged system to the production system, update the database, and synchronise the APPL_TOPs. This means that the downtime for the production system only needs to begin after all patches have been successfully applied to the staged system. After the patches have been applied to the staged system, and the production system updated, you must export applied patches information from the staged system and import it into the production system. This ensures that the production patch history database is up-to-date. Now certified for production upgrades from EBS 11i to 12 Having been used unofficially by some upgrade customers for a while, this strategy is now fully supported for use in performing an upgrade from Release 11i to Release 12.1.1. Although your mileage will vary, you should find that using the staged approach is significantly faster than the traditional upgrade route.  The principles of using the staged approach for upgrading are simple: after meeting the applicable AutoConfig and Rapid Clone patch rerequisites, you create the R11i staged system. You then upgrade the staged system to R12.1.1 by updating the production APPL_TOP and database. Finally, you synchronise the patch histories of the production and staged systems. Your feedback is welcome One early adopter found that this shaved 12 hours off their total upgrade time.   We're extremely interested in hearing about your use cases and your experiences with this newly-supported upgrade technique. Please post a comment here or drop us a line with your thoughts. Related Articles

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Comments ( 8 )
  • Chirag Patel Thursday, September 16, 2010

    Thanks for officially certifying this strategy but I feel we will get little gain here.

    During this upgrade, major time consuming patch is upgrade patch 6678700. For this upgrade we already lay down APPL_TOP using rapid wizard and apply database portion of patch 6678700, so theoretically no time saving for patch 6678700. We can save some time equivalent to run copy and generate portion of additional patches.

  • John Felix Saturday, September 18, 2010


    Is there a plan to certify Staged APPL_TOP approach for 12.1.3 upgrade?


  • Scott Chisholm Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    I agree with the above comments. What we would really want to do is apply all patches up to 12.1.3. I would expect to be able to merge 12.1.3 patches with the driver file u6678700.drv which sits under $AU_TOP and doesn't come as a patch which could be merged.

    Merging the all patches applied with the u6678700.drv driver means we don't have to run the db portion of u6678700.drv and then the db driver of the merged patches.

    To save time we would expect to run a single merge driver such that we don't apply all the database portions in u6678700.drv and then the subset of task that would be in the 12.1.3 plus patches merge.

  • Kevin Zhang Monday, September 27, 2010

    Hi Steve:

    When could you post your slide for OOW session "Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Certification Primer and Roadmap". I am anxious waiting for downloading this slide to share with my colleagues and it contains so many good info.

    If you can post it soon, do you mind mail me a copy of that silde. My email address: kevin.zhang@knowles.com



  • Asif Gill Monday, September 27, 2010

    Hi Robert & Steven,

    It's interesting that Oracle is finally in agreement with this approach. This was suggested/recommended by Ahmed Alomari quite a number of years back. Good to see it being blessed by Oracle!

    Thanks again for this wonderful blog!


    Asif Gill

  • Jie Shen Sunday, November 11, 2012

    Hi Steven

    We are in the process of upgrading 11i to R12.1.3, it will take a lot of hours for patching after R12.1.3. We'd like to know whether we can use the staged approach for R12.1.3 with all additional patches applied.

    Please advise


    Shen Jie

  • Steven Chan Monday, November 12, 2012

    Hello, Shen Jie,

    Yes, this is applicable to 12.1.3 as well as 12.1.1.



  • Ram Friday, May 16, 2014

    Hi Steven,

    We are planning to consider doing the staged APPL_TOP for the upgrade rfom 11i to R12 including the databse rom to 11.2.0,4.

    1)Is this possible as the documents suggest copy the 11i to a stage and execute the upgrade?now what if I want to uprgade the DB to before the R12,in this case the ORACLE_HOME is also new and fifferent,Can this be used?

    2)Assuming that I am in and only need to uprgade the R12.1.1 we can do the upgrade?I feel though theroitically looks very good,what are the downsides of this?

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