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Want to Connect at OpenWorld 2009?

Steven Chan
Senior Director
Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco is our biggest conference of the year.  It's always a real treat to see what some of the best minds in our Oracle community have to share.  I hope that I'll get a chance to meet some of you in person at this conference, either at some of my sessions or in a private meeting where we can discuss your E-Business Suite questions in depth.  
I'll be presenting and participating in a few sessions again this year:
Using Oracle Application Server with E-Business Suite (Session S307958) Wednesday, Oct. 14, 5:00 PM Moscone West L2, Room 2008 Oracle Application Server is certified for integration with E-Business Suite.  In this session, learn how to take advantage of the latest versions of Oracle Portal, Oracle Single Sign-On, Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Web Cache, and other Fusion Middleware components.  Additionally, learn how to integrate third-party identity management systems and LDAP directories such as Microsoft Windows Kerberos, Microsoft Windows Active Directory, Sun Java System Direct, and CA Netegrity SiteMinder with E-Business Suite.
Advanced Configuration and Cloud Deployment of Oracle E-Business Suite (Session S307956) Ivo Dujmovic, presenter (and I'll be tagging along) Thursday, Oct. 15, 9:00 AM Moscone West L2, Room 2008 Oracle E-Business Suite supports a variety of advanced deployment options and architectures. Considering improving your hardware utilization rates through virtualization and use of computational clouds/grids?  Wondering about seemingly esoteric architectures, how to automate their configuration and integration? Get answers to your burning architectural questions in this session.
Meet the Experts:  E-Business Suite Technology Stack Monday, Oct. 12, 1:00 PM Applications Lounge, "Meet the Experts" Area This is a roundtable discussion where you can discuss technical questions with me and other senior E-Business Suite technology stack development staff.  Anything goes in these PowerPoint-free discussions -- enhancement requests, burning questions, pet peeves about operation issues, and any other technology stack topics that you might like to discuss.
EBS Applications Technology Special Interest Group Panel Sunday, Oct 11, 2:00 PM Moscone West L3, Room 3009 This OAUG Special Interest Group has recently expanded their scope to include all major technology stack components in the E-Business Suite.  I'll be joining other staff from EBS Development in a discussion about our latest EBS techstack updates, certifications, and our upcoming roadmap in this session.

Interested in a Private Meeting? I'm happy to meet with you to discuss your EBS techstack or architecture questions.  My calendar tends to fill up quickly during OpenWorld week.  If you'd like to get together for a private meeting, please feel free to drop me a line soon.

All Applications Sessions on One Page

Every year brings even more sessions into our Applications Tools and Technology track at OpenWorld.  I'm convinced that the only effective way of catching all of the sessions that I'm interested in will be to clone myself.  Multiplicity, here we come.  For a list of all sessions in this year's Apps techstack track, see:

For a list of all sessions relating to the E-Business Suite, see:

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Comments ( 4 )
  • Naveen Tuesday, August 25, 2009


    I will be attending (and presenting) at the OpenWorld this year and would like to get some thoughts on the following topics as it relates to EBS.

    1. Our biggest headache in managing the EBS environment is all the documents we have in FND_LOBS. More and more of our processes are going electronic and more and more documents are being stored in the EBS database. As a result, 30% of our production DB size is dedicated to one table, FND_LOBS. And so far we have NOT found a good way to control it. Multiply that with all the clones we have, the documents in EBS account for over 10TB of tier 1 storage in our case.

    2. What is the uptake of the new Enterprise Manager pack for EBS (AMP) with other EBS customers ? How many customers are using it ?

    3. I believe there is a need out there to open up the EBS cloning process. We've been using a custom cloning process to clone our EBS and that process has matured to a point where we can clone an EBS environment in less than an hour. And we do close to 100 steps on top of what the standard rapidclone does. But we are constantly under stress thinking that our cloning process is NOT official. I think if Oracle publishes some internals of RapidClone and what all it does, we'll plug the gaps we have in our custom cloning.



  • Ram Govindaraju Friday, October 2, 2009

    Hi Steve,

    I am also interested in knowing better solution for FND_LOBS table question that was posted by Naveen. It's been many times about it and I am not sure of a good solution for it.

    I appreciate your comments.

    Ram G

  • Jennifer Chen Sunday, October 25, 2009

    Hi Steven,

    It was great meeting with you at OOW. Thank you for arranging the additional resources for our meeting.

    My very first DBA job back in 1997 was to implement Payroll with an Oracle consulting team. They taught me that the more that Oracle (especially Oracle development) understands your requirements and plans, the better it can assist your effort. This seemed to be the case in the past few years with the communication directly with you and the communication channel created by your blog…

    I do have one quick suggestion: in your blog’s main page, would it be possible to add a ‘Recent Updates’ link similar to the ‘Recent Posts,’ so viewers can easily navigate to the latest comments and responses for some of the older posts? I have been just as interested in reading others’ comments/questions as your posts. There are still a lot of fun readings from your old posts and fun learning what others are doing and thinking in the real world.

    Thank you for reaching out and doing an exceptional job for both Oracle and its customers.

    Best Regards,


  • Steven Chan Sunday, October 25, 2009

    Hi, Jennifer,

    It was good to catch up with you at OpenWorld. I can never emphasize strongly enough the value of feedback to a development organization.

    Good suggestion about a Recent Comments section. I've been meaning to add that for a while. Enjoy!



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