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OCFS2 Certified with EBS 12.2 Shared File System Configurations

Steven Chan
Senior Director

Oracle Cluster File System 2 (OCFS2) is now certified for use with E-Business Suite 12.2 when sharing a single file system between multiple application tier server nodes. 

Load-balancing E-Business Suite 12.2

You can improve your E-Business Suite 12.2 environment's fault tolerance, availability, and performance by distributing traffic across multiple application tier server nodes. For information about using multinode configurations, see:

EBS 12.2 load-balanced multinode architecture

Reducing your patching requirements with a shared file system

If you have multiple application tier server nodes, you need to apply an identical set of patches to each of them.  You can reduce your patching overhead by sharing a single file system between the individual application tier servers. Applying a patch to the shared file system allows it to be used by all application tier server nodes.  For information about using shared file system configurations in EBS 12.2, see:

What file system should you use for EBS 12.2?

Generally speaking, any fast, standards-compliant file system should work with Oracle E-Business Suite.  "Standards-compliant" can be interpreted to mean "any file systems that do not require code-level changes to the E-Business Suite." 

We do not test specific file systems with EBS 12.2, so we lack the data needed to recommend specific file systems.  For related information about NFS, GFS, ACFS, and what we use internally at Oracle, see: 

Why are we specifically certifying OCFS2?

EBS 12.2 uses two different file systems as part of its Online Patching infrastructure.  We have found that EBS 12.2 is sensitive to the performance characteristics of the underlying file system.

File system performance can sometimes be optimized by changing a few key mount options. We don't have the resources to test all of the available third-party file systems, but we can test Oracle's own file systems to ensure that you have the smoothest experience using them.  

What did we find when we tested OCFS2?

We tested EBS 12.2 under a variety of conditions, including applying patches using Online Patching while the EBS environment was under load.  We found that you should use the default block size for OCFS2, but aside from that, we didn't find any requirements for special mount options for OCFS2. 

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Comments ( 6 )
  • guest Wednesday, August 3, 2016

    Hi Steve

    Will this OCFS2 / EBS 12.2 certification be listed in MOS?



  • Steven Chan Wednesday, August 3, 2016

    Hi, Tony,

    No, Certify doesn't track OCFS2 certifications (or any file systems), so it's not possible to record this combination in that system.



  • Nimesh Vyas Wednesday, June 21, 2017
    Is it cert. against specific OS ? We are using with OEL 7.x and noticed many performance problem. Created many SR. Is OCFS2 is matured FS ON OEL 7.x ? I noticed better performance on NFS compared to OCFS2 on OEL 7.x
  • Steven Chan Wednesday, June 21, 2017
    Hello, Nimesh,

    I'm sorry that you're encountering issues with this.

    This is a generic certification for whatever operating systems are certified with OCFS2. We do not limit this at the EBS level.

    If you'd like us to investigate the root causes, please drop me an email or post your SR numbers here.

  • Ramkumar Thursday, August 9, 2018
    Hi Steven,

    Oracle Cloud FS (ACFS) is certified for 12.2.7? because 12.2 belongs to web logic fusion middleware family.

    After 12.1.3, there is no update on Cloud FS.

    5 years before, collaboration 15 OAUG, discussed about 12.2 , ACFS will be certified to keep the Apps Tier.

    so please give your valuable insight.

  • Steven Chan Monday, August 13, 2018
    Hello, Ramkumar,

    Oracle ASM Cluster File System (ACFS) is certified for the following:

    - EBS 12.1 database tier
    - EBS 12.2 database tier

    It is not certified with the application tiers. We have been unable to make any progress in getting a support stance for ACFS for the Fusion Middleware components we rely upon. At this point, I do not expect ACFS to be certified for either the EBS 12.1 or EBS 12.2 application tiers.

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