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The Self-Securing Cloud

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is just the start of a self-securing cloud service vision.

By Tom Haunert

May/June 2018

At an Oracle launch event on March 27, 2018, Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison announced the availability of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, the first service based on the revolutionary new Oracle Autonomous Database. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is the world’s first self-securing, self-repairing, and self-managing database cloud service.

To get a better understanding of the characteristics of Oracle’s new autonomous cloud service, I picked one of its descriptors—self-securing—and asked for some help from Vipin Samar, senior vice president of Oracle Database Security.

Samar and I focused on two self-securing features in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud: patching and encryption.

“Security patches are automatically applied every quarter or as needed,” he explained. “This is full-stack patching, including the firmware, OS, clusterware, and database. And by applying patches in a rolling fashion across the nodes of a cluster, there is no application downtime. There are no steps required from the Oracle-customer side. Patching just happens!”

Samar’s description of encryption in Oracle Autonomous Database was similar. “We encrypt the data everywhere—in traffic, in tablespaces, and in backups,” he says. “The keys are managed automatically without requiring any intervention from the Oracle customer. Encryption cannot be turned off. Encryption just happens!”

Patching and encryption are part of higher-level security strategies and actions. “A big part of security is closing the known open gaps, securing assets by default, and using best security practices,” Samar says. “And this is what we do, in addition to automation, for the autonomous databases on Oracle Cloud.”

Samar also noted that the journey to self-securing is just starting. We signed off the conversation with a plan to run a detailed interview with Samar on Oracle Autonomous Database security, the self-securing vision, and more in the next issue of Oracle Magazine.

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