New Normal

The Cloud and the Maker Movement

The cloud brings affordable, massively scalable compute power to Maker Faire projects.

By Jeff Erickson

January/February 2017

Members of the international DIY culture known as the Maker Movement have always been quick to embrace new technologies on which to build their inventions. Their latest darling? The cloud.

And why not? The cloud gives tinkerers and their maker projects the same affordable compute power and array of apps and platform services that it delivers to enterprise users.

Oracle Magazine covered the Oracle Maker Faire at Oracle headquarters in November 2016 and caught up with three makers who are using cloud computing to power and connect their latest projects.

Rick Perotti

Inventor of “Homunculus”

“When I speak to [Homunculus], it goes out to a cloud service to convert my voice to text and then sends the text back. It then uses RESTful services to talk to Oracle Sales Cloud and have it pull back my day’s schedule.”

Watch the video on YouTube.


Jasper Potts

Inventor of “The IoT Chocolate Factory”

“Over time the plastic fatigues, and we have a whole bunch of sensors and cameras that collect that data and feed it up to the [Oracle] Internet of Things Cloud Service where we can have the compute power to do machine learning to predict the point where it’s going to fail.”

Watch the video on YouTube.


Mark Vilrokx

Inventor of “Connect all Things”

“We have a Nerf gun with a chip in it that connects it to the internet. [Then] we figured out that we could add other services to it. The Nerf gun has a Twitter account, and every time it shoots a bullet it sends out a tweet. The Nerf gun is voice-activated. There’s a dashboard that tells me if it’s online or offline and how many bullets it’s fired.”

Watch the video on YouTube.


Photography by Joseph Chan, Unsplash