Learn about robots, predict AI, and test IoT.

By Pierce Ashworth

November/December 2017

Explore and Save Space

moonExplore and capture the night sky from the palm of your hand—Tiny1 is powerful enough to image deep sky objects but compact enough to fit in your pocket. The camera has a searchable augmented reality map that guides you to and identifies stars and constellations, and it connects with your smartphone to share photos and videos directly to social media. Tiny1 is available for preorder at US$479; delivery is expected December 2017.

Future Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

How do you think AI will most substantially benefit humankind in the future?

It seems no opinion holds a majority, but many respondents anticipated advancements in science and medicine. Others predicted the automation of dangerous or tedious tasks, while the rest hoped for a cheaper, safer, and more convenient world.


Source: ARM Artificial Intelligence Survey

Do you speak tech? Quiz yourself!

1. Who coined the term Internet of Things?

A. Vinton Cerf

B. Kevin Ashton

C. Alan Turing

D. Shiva Ayyadurai

2.Which of the following was not a previous name for the Internet of Things?

A. Augmented Computation

B. Pervasive Computing

C. Ubicomp

D. Ambient Intelligence

3. What day is celebrated globally as Internet of Things Day?

A. June 24

B. April 9

C. February 11

D. November 4

1. B: Kevin Ashton; 2. A: Augmented Computation; 3. B: April 9

Apps: Resolutions

Every new year brings with it a raft of resolutions. Resolve to communicate more dynamically, read up on the things you love, and save smarter with these awesome apps.


Modernize your inbox with this artificially intelligent email app. Trove learns to prioritize the emails that matter most to you, contextualizes your contacts (by responsiveness, frequency of communication, and so on), and identifies unanswered questions within emails so important messages don’t slip through the cracks. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana, its voice control capacity makes for an effortless experience in true AI fashion.
Free (Android, iOS)


Remember that great story you just didn’t have the time to read the other day? Now you can read it—not only whenever, but also wherever. Pocket saves content across all your devices in a format that you can access without the internet: simply pull an article or video from your browser, email, or apps such as Twitter and Flipboard for later consumption at your own convenience—offline.
Free (Android, iOS)


Get those finances in order in 2018, without even having to think about it. Every day Digit analyzes your spending habits and income history, and then uses an algorithm to automatically move money from your checking account to your Digit account if you can afford it—a smart piggy bank of sorts. The moved money can be easily withdrawn at any time.
Free (Android, iOS)

Photography by, TinyMOS