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A Foundation for Business

Oracle Cloud Application Foundation technologies underpin business in the cloud.

By Tom Haunert

May/June 2014

A building’s foundation doesn’t often get much attention, except during initial construction, during remodeling, or when something goes wrong. Likewise, foundation technologies under business applications may not be the focus of attention after applications are deployed, but an application foundation is at least as critical to its applications as a building foundation is to the building it supports.

Did You Know?
Record Foundation

In 2014, a crew in Los Angeles, California, set a new world record for the largest continuous concrete pour as part of the process of laying the foundation for the new Wilshire Grand Center.

Building Foundations

In 2012 and 2013 I watched (and listened to) demolition of a city-block-long building and construction of a new one—containing several dozen apartments and a grocery store—a block from my home. There were many obvious events and milestones during construction as new floors were built up and enclosed, windows and doors were added, exterior siding and trim were added, and so on. But to me and to the neighbors I spoke with, the biggest events and milestones occurred early in the construction process, when the foundation and multiple underground levels of the building were laid out and concrete was poured. On those days, dozens of cement trucks circled the blocks around the building site. Each would quickly unload and just as quickly be replaced by the next cement truck in line. I tip my hat to all the people who organized, managed, and executed the work, for the finished result and also because street traffic was still moving pretty well while these massive operations were under way.

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Business Foundations

This issue’s cover feature, “Ground Control,” explores how three organizations used Oracle Cloud Application Foundation technologies to build, rebuild, repair, and shore up their own business application foundations. The article describes the need for organizations to realize the benefits and efficiencies of cloud computing, such as the “on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources,” while at the same time deploying modern applications on a flexible, integrated, and standards-based transactional foundation.

Flexible foundation may sound like an oxymoron, but flexibility is a core tenet of cloud computing, and the ability to support integrated public and private cloud applications and handle increased transaction workloads resulting from server and software consolidation most certainly requires a solid technology foundation. “Ground Control” focuses on how organizations are using core Oracle Cloud Application Foundation technologies, including Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Coherence, as well as Oracle Exalogic, the integrated hardware and software platform for the Oracle Cloud Application Foundation family, to create truly flexible foundations to support their current and future cloud application needs.

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