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Work Made Human Through Artificial Intelligence

Tanios Boudames
Product Marketing Manager, Oracle HCM Cloud

The market moves faster than ever, requiring companies to move fast by focusing on results-driven activities. This need permeates every aspect of the business, including those in HR who are often subject to tasks that can be automated. As automation becomes more commonplace, HR professionals can focus on more value-adding projects that include engaging with employees, understanding prospective employee needs, and adhering to regulatory compliance requirements. 

One way to create more impactful projects and smarter processes for your HR teams is the availability of artificial intelligence (AI), which is helping HR organizations reach the next level of proactiveness and better decision making. Oracle HCM Cloud includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data capabilities, which foster proactive HR processes by improving recruitment efficiency, enhancing employee engagement, and optimizing routine tasks. 

Improved Recruitment Efficiency

Finding the best candidate in today’s job market in the shortest amount of time is crucial for organizations. Recruiters spend large amounts of time searching for the most qualified candidates, and AI helps them speed up the process through technologies such as machine learning, which creates a ranked list of job candidates whose skills best align with job requirements. This automation helps recruiters better filter applicants and allows them to spend more time on personalizing the candidate interview process, resulting in an overall better candidate experience and conveys a positive company brand.

Oracle HCM Cloud makes work easier with artificial intelligence. Product Marketing Manager Tanios Boudames explains the use cases.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is becomingly increasingly important in talent retention, especially with a growing number of Gen Z candidates entering the workforce. Gen Z workers are focused on upward mobility and want to know how they can grow within your company. With AI applications your managers can effectively interact with their employees to achieve, improve productivity, higher levels of morale, and encourage employee growth. 

AI can also be used to enhance the onboarding process for new or recently promoted employees, leveraging data from FAQs, onboarding documents, and other resources to create personalized steps for each employee based off their new role. This results in a welcoming and successful onboarding process for each individual. 

Optimized HR Processes 

HR professionals have many roles, whether its case management, compliance, supporting employee requests, or resolving HR system errors. These repetitive tasks prevent HR from performing more meaningful projects, like career development, and as a result, impact everything from employee experience to daily business operations. AI applications can automate routine tasks and suggest appropriate follow up actions for your HR staff to eliminate these repetitive jobs. As a result, your HR organization can spend less time on tedious tasks like time entry approvals and service ticket requests and more time on. impactful projects like providing hiring managers with the best compensation packages for new hires. This fosters a proactive and impactful HR organization by making work more human through meaningful projects. 

Finally, AI matches employees with next-step career opportunities, including recommended actions such as suggested trainings, learnings, and mentoring opportunities. 

Oracle HCM Cloud Artificial Intelligence  

To learn more about Oracle’s AI applications and how they can help enhance your HR organization’s productivity, create a welcoming candidate experience, and fostering better employee engagement check out our HCM AI capabilities. Oracle’s HCM Cloud AI applications: Work Made Human. 

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