Celebrating You! 2019 HR Award Winners

April 3, 2019 | 4 minute read
Brittany Lindquist
Director Customer Marketing, Oracle HCM Cloud
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We spend 40+ hours of our work week trying to make it better; simpler, smarter, more agile, more…human. What started out as an idea, that may have required you to master new skills, or even consume your every thought—has finally turned into a moment that is being celebrated.

There is no higher compliment than the one paid by your peers, those who voted for you and your achievements. We are so proud to be celebrating you, our 2019 Oracle HCM Cloud Rubies award winner!

You have made a significant contribution to your company by going digital and advocating for a new solution, in the cloud. One that will better connect your global workforce, streamline payroll, drive employee self-service transactions, cut administrative tasks and expenses, shorten your time-to-hire, decrease your legacy system costs, modernize your recruiting, and much more—including making your life more simple.

To  Eric, Maureen, Roger, and Ann: it was our pleasure to announce you as our 2019 Oracle HCM Cloud Rubies award winners* in Las Vegas this year at MBX. You are changing the game and we are so excited to see you excelling in your careers and inspiring the HR community. Life is what we make it, and you have chosen to blaze ahead…fearlessly. Congratulations!

Meet the Winners

Express Lane Award - Grupo Bimbo: Eric Cohen, senior director HCM

Grupo Bimbo delivered Oracle HCM Cloud in Peru, Chile, and Morocco so far, where the business has traditionally been completely manual. The project, led by Eric, kicked off at the end of February and went live in the beginning of July. In just five months, the implementation immediately transformed the process of managing six locations around Morocco into an automated cloud solution. Today, Eric and his team are enjoying constant innovation and consistent updates, have lowered their customization costs, and enabled a mobile workforce. 

(Photo: Eric receiving his award, presented by Alarcon)

Keep it in the Family Award: AfrAsia Bank Ltd.: Maureen Treanor, head of human resources and change management

AfrAsia Bank Limited specializes in banking that builds bridges between Africa, Asia, and the world. Beginning in November 2017, Oracle HCM Cloud modules were implemented across two organizations with nearly 400 employees, in just nine months. The cloud solution transformed the way bank employees engage with the HR function and their own data, while enabling leadership to execute on talent management initiatives. Adoption of the new recruitment portal was 100 percent from day one, bringing to life the business benefits of the implementation. Thanks to Maureen and her team, Oracle HCM Cloud now allows employees to enhance their skillsets through the learning module, and better align with the goals and objectives of the organization.

(Photo: Maureen receiving her award, presented by Alarcon)

Productive Powerhouse - Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions (CAES): Roger Casalengo, senior vice president of human resources

CAES provides microwave electronics, antennas, radios, satellite, and mobile communication capabilities to military and commercial customers in more than 100 countries. Partnering with Baker Tilly, CAES implemented Oracle HCM Cloud to replace existing HR systems. CAES was able to migrate from multiple core HR systems to one platform that held all human resources data in the cloud. A change management team was established, and the communication and training plans served as foundational tools to drive change and support the employee, manager, and HR end users. New and innovative training approaches were developed, including a combination of quick reference guides and more-detailed user guides. Roger took on challenges head-first in the effort to be a best-in-class HR organization.

(Photo: Roger receiving his award, presented by Alarcon)

Bottom-Line Bonanza - United Health Groupi: Ann Rogotzke, vice president, human capital technology and programs

UnitedHealth Group (UHG) is a Fortune 5 company with more than 300,000 employees across 33 countries. UHG implemented Oracle Compensation Cloud utilizing a coexistence strategy with PeopleSoft HR. Managers are now more empowered than ever to make informed decisions using real-time analytics. Human capital partners are able to focus on more value-added HR activities and less on administrative tasks surrounding the compensation process. The size, scale, and complexity of UHG’s compensation implementation in Oracle HCM Cloud is unique.  UHG is running a daily coexistence process between PeopleSoft and Oracle HCM Cloud with 99.9 percent accuracy.

(Photo: Ann receiving her award, presented by Alarcon)

*Due to their company's PR policy, some winners from the 2019 Rubies ceremony were omitted in this post. 


Brittany Lindquist

Director Customer Marketing, Oracle HCM Cloud

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