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Joining SuiteVets: Army veteran trains in ERP consulting to transition from the military

“I haven’t seen another company get a class full of veterans into technology. It’s unbelievable.” -Adam B., Consulting Staff Principal – Enablement, NetSuite SuiteVets

Army veteran Adam B. went through a successful transition from the military with Oracle NetSuite’s SuiteVets. This program helped him acquire the skills, knowledge, and vision to leverage his unique, valuable experience in a civilian career. What makes SuiteVets such a great opportunity is that it’s exclusively for veterans and military spouses—there’s an instant connection, camaraderie, and support to complete the program successfully. So, how did Adam get into SuiteVets? How was his experience? What advice does he have for transitioning from military service to civilian life?

A life-changing referral

Like many fellow veterans, Adam’s service in the United States Army has been a mix of active duty and reserves. Between stints, he pursued a degree in Education, which would become his compass to steer his career in the right direction. “I was in school when 9/11 happened. I missed almost 11 semesters between deployments,” Adam remembers. “Once I graduated and got my degree, I went back to active duty. School, active duty, and the Army Reserve were a steady mix in my life for the past 10–15 years, until I joined Oracle NetSuite.”

Adam’s first contact with Oracle was thanks to a chat he had at the RecruitMilitary fair in Austin with a United Service Organizations (USO) representative, who insisted he drop by the company’s stand. “I knew Oracle was in technology, but I didn’t know much about them, except that they had a basketball stadium in Golden State,” Adam jokes. “What would Oracle need with someone from the military with logistics experience and an Education degree? How would I leverage those skills in a career like that?” At the Oracle table, Adam met fellow veteran George Ploss, Sales Consulting Manager, and hit it off. “I talked with George and told him about my military background and experience, so we started a conversation on trying to get me a logistics or supply chain position. That’s how it all started.”

The military gets it done

In July 2019, Adam joined Oracle NetSuite’s SuiteVets program. This intensive, 3–4-month course prepares hired veterans for an exciting and rewarding career as functional Implementation Consultants, working with Oracle NetSuite-based ERP financial software. “It was a great experience because everyone in the class were veterans; we connected automatically, regardless of what military branch we were from: Army, Air Force, Navy, and even a military spouse. We had that camaraderie because we’d all been deployed, so we found it really easy to lean on each other when we had challenges with understanding this new line of work,” Adam says. “Even though not all of us had experience in working ERP with account-based software, we leveraged the skills we acquired in the military: leadership, perseverance, trainability, teamwork, pushing through, and putting in the extra hours to be successful.”

With a degree in Education, Adam knew he could take his participation in the SuiteVets program a step further by teaching others about Oracle NetSuite. “By preparing as a Consultant, I learned how to become an Enablement Lead as well,” he reveals. “I train college graduates, experienced consultants, and fellow veterans on how to implement our software once it’s sold to the client. I teach them communication/presentation skills, how to work with clients, and how ERP works within Oracle NetSuite. As a culminating project, they get a blank environment where they build a business solution. We take them from A–Z: understanding the product, getting them comfortable with working face-to-face with clients, and working on case simulations to show them how the software can help businesses.”

In it to win it

When it comes to moving from military to civilian life, Adam recognizes that an environment of support and success helps a lot. “The initiative to get a class full of veterans into technology is unbelievable. I haven’t seen another company do it,” he says. “The organization does a great job at including everyone from veterans to the LGBTQ+ community and people from different walks of life, backgrounds, and orientations in coming together for the common goal of being successful. Oracle continues to grow, even with what’s going on in the world. I can’t say enough about still having a job in these trying times—I attribute that to the great things the company does at the top, and how it filters down to everyone below.”

As for what veterans need to bring to the table to make a successful transition, Adam shares some advice: “Be open to things you may not know you have the skills and background to do—I never thought I’d transition out of the military by teaching consultants how to implement accounting-based software. Oracle NetSuite does a great job in finding those skills within you to make you a part of the team; they know how to find the right people with the right skillset. Even if you think that the skills aren’t there, put yourself out there and say, ‘I’m a veteran; I’m trainable; I can leverage my leadership; I know I can be helpful.’ Be resilient and understand that if you don’t get something the first time, continue to try.”

Our SuiteVets program is hiring in Austin, Denver, and Nashville now. To learn more about Oracle’s opportunities for veterans click here. Create the future with us.

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