Friday Sep 04, 2015

Oracle Women in Tech – The Other Face of IT

Every day, thousands of extraordinary women engineers bring their contributions to the dynamic development of Oracle technologies and products. Their stories are fascinating life-lessons of courage, dedication and women empowerment. In order to discover these thriving personalities and recognize their contribution, we’ve sat down and asked them a few questions. Meet Simona Stanescu (Senior Product Support Manager), Alina Giurca (Software Development Manager) and Adina Dumitrasc (Technical Support Engineer). 

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Thursday Sep 03, 2015

3 Female Movie Characters That Teach Us About Real Career Passion

You have a burning ambition and, in your mind, you’ve already painted your career journey. Unfortunately, it’s only a dream. You’re lacking action. Maybe it feels too unrealistic, maybe you feel discouraged or maybe you’re just too afraid of failure. Let yourself inspired by 3 iconic women who turned their vivid passion into a striking success, followed by a successful career. 

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Wednesday Sep 02, 2015

Busting the Myth: Work-Life Balance is Possible

 Stress is the root of all evil. It affects everything, from our health and personal life to the way we handle our tasks at work. We can definitely put the blame on it for losing work-life balance and be right about it. There’s no better time than now to put an end to those complaints from your significant other for working overtime or even from bed, to regain the time lost with your kids because it took you forever to finish that report and to finally go and have some drinks Friday night without checking your e-mail every 5 minutes.

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Tuesday Sep 01, 2015

A Story From Mount Everest on Careers

I met Adrian Fako a few years ago and ended up being completely drawn by his passion. To be honest, my first impression on him, a 26-year-old climber who wanted to reach the highest peak in the world, was quite skeptical. But he told me a story that made me believe otherwise…

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Monday Aug 31, 2015

4 Rules of Dating Applied to Your Email Recruiting Campaign

Recruiting talent is just like a game of dating. You do your best to woo your candidate and pique their interest up to the point they are willing to get involved in a new relationship and reach full commitment. It’s all a great mix of good looks, fast attraction and savvy communication. Next time you are crafting recruiting emails for attracting new hires remember these 4 rules of dating.

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Tuesday Aug 25, 2015

Do you treat your candidates as VICs? (Very Important Customers)

Looking out into today’s world, it’s easy to see why brands are more important now than at any time in the past 100 years. Brands bring together psychology and science as a promise mark in a very competitive market. Nowadays, Corporations understand the importance of having brand awareness and concentrate important resources in corporate branding. Stretching the comparison, the candidates become customers who want to be swept off their feet. So how can you stay one step ahead and keep the best talent coming your way in a highly competitive market? By treating potential hires like your best customers and marketing with them in mind. Let’s take the Four P model from marketing and translate it into HR terms for a better understanding of this modern approach.

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Monday Aug 17, 2015

How Your Favorite Songs Can Help You Avoid Mistakes at Work

Music is a rich source of inspiration for everyone. Learn to avoid making mistakes at work by using your favorite soundtracks. This is how.

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Wednesday Aug 05, 2015

5 Tricks to Help You Beat the Vacation Blues

You’ve waited all year long for your summer vacation and… now it’s a wrap. The first day back at work is the gloomiest and grimmest day of them all - blue skies and golden sand beaches are swapped for traffic jams and cubicles. It’s that moment when your yacht transforms into a pumpkin as the clock strikes 9 AM. You’re still jet lagged so you lose your shoe in the Monday morning subway chaos. Don’t expect a modern hero to save the day! You will have to do it yourself; these 5 tricks will help you survive the post vacation blues caused by:

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Monday Jul 27, 2015

What Can a Game of Chess Teach You About Your Next Job Interview

Have you ever felt like turning back time to fix a failed job interview? You know…that moment when you know you could’ve done so much better if you only had one more chance? I’ve come to think that job interviews can sometimes seem like a challenging game of chess...

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Thursday Jul 23, 2015

How to Get Hired at Oracle: 5 Answers for 5 Questions You are Dying to Ask

You’re hired! The magical words we all dream to hear. Wondering how you can make that happen at Oracle? Yes, you do need strong skills and an awesome personality to join the #1 cloud company but you also need to know a little bit more. We’ve answered 5 questions you had on your mind, so you can stay ahead of the game. Check them out!

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Wednesday Jul 01, 2015

The Candidate Guide: How to Fix Your Social Media Persona

You know it: social hiring is very hot right now. Recruiters are 24/7 present on social media networks, constantly on the lookout for potential new talents. Your offline presence is strong, but it does not reflect your online appearance. So, if you’re analyzed based on your online persona appearance, why leave it unpolished? Here’s 5 tips to upgrade and fix your online social image for higher chances to land your dream job.

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Saturday Jun 13, 2015

Learn from the Best: Game of Thrones’ Tips for Every Salesperson

You know what they say: in sales and war, everything is allowed. While at Oracle Direct things are not as heated as in Game of Thrones, we are safe to say that the world of sales is just as exciting. So, what’s there to learn from the main characters’ act when it comes to rocking the sales biz? Find out and let the games begin!

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Friday Jun 12, 2015

Oracle Direct Dublin or how to recruit like a Social Media God

What happens when the best Sales Team in the industry sets a challenge to the next generation of tech-savvy sales people? Sum up modern tools, a smart approach and amazing career opportunities and do the math. The result: an effective top talent recruitment campaign seasoned with energy, excitement and boldness.

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Friday Apr 24, 2015

Life at Oracle: Don Mauck—Legally Blind Theatrical Performer

When you ask Oracle employees what they like most about working at Oracle, they often say it’s the people. Oracle is filled with smart, passionate, caring people doing challenging work and leading interesting lives. We set out to capture employee stories in a series of videos to recognize and celebrate the amazing people working at Oracle.[Read More]

Thursday Apr 23, 2015

How I know Oracle Direct is the place to be

Last September, I made one of the biggest (and best) life changing decisions: I packed up and left Atlanta, USA and moved to Dublin, Ireland. I joined the Oracle Direct team in January and it’s been a whirlwind of excitement and learning every day. As the Recruitment Branding Specialist for Oracle Direct, I am passionate about telling Oracle Direct’s story. I wanted a chance to talk about my personal experience in my own words, so here’s the first chapter of my #LifeatOracle.[Read More]

Welcome to Life at Oracle! Go behind the scenes and discover what working at Oracle is really about. From inspirational career tips to empowering employee stories, our blog provides you the right dose of motivation you need to explore new professional opportunities at Oracle.


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