Friday Jul 22, 2016

Sales at Oracle: From an Oracle Sales Manager’s Perspective

The secret to all successful careers lies in our ability to seize opportunities. While different roles that match our current skills and experience may be available in the market, it is how they fit in our long-term career plan that truly matters. Before you join our team and explore the perks of growing in a leading brand, our success story this week takes you through a real life at Oracle employee experience and the impact it can have on your long term career journey.

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Thursday Jul 21, 2016

4 Tips to Ace Your Interview

Are you preparing for your first job interview? Or do you still get the jitters even though you’ve interviewed before? Don’t worry, it happens a lot, even to the most experienced job seekers. I have been there myself, and know that, when stage fright kicks in, we tend to lose sight of the very things that make an impact. So, for your next job interview, here’s a list of 4 things you absolutely must keep in mind, if you hope to make an impression. They will require some introspection and preparation, but rest assured it will be difficult to forget these tips, even in the most hectic of circumstances.

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Friday Jul 15, 2016

Comedy: a Professional’s Guide to Laughter in the Workplace

I love making people laugh! There’s a certain joy in seeing someone smile or just let out a hearty belly laugh. That fact has led me to study comedy, to try and figure out what makes something funny, what engages people and results in laughter. There’s no answer to that question, but in my quest to discover how comedy and comedians work, I discovered some valuable lessons that have helped me succeed in my career.

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Thursday Jul 14, 2016

Working Remotely This Summer? 6 Tips on How to Stay Productive

Summer time and the living is easy! Okay, most of us still have to report in everyday so it’s not exactly a “care free” time of year. The brighter the sun, the hotter the temps, the more difficult it can be to stay focused, especially if you’re working remotely. As someone who calls home “the office” all year round, I’ve stumbled upon a few tips to staying disciplined that have actually proven constructive. Sure, it’s always tempting to venture out for some Vitamin D but the more productive your day the more likely you are to be able to enjoy your evening without the added stress of playing catch up.

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3 Must Have Goals You Should Achieve In Your Career

If we would have talked about 3 must have career goals 10 years ago, we would have had in front of us a very clear list: get hired in a big, renowned company, work your way up the ladder and reach a management position, earn at least a six figures salary. Nowadays, however, we find ourselves in a more complex context, given that some of the jobs available on the market didn’t exist 10 years ago, and that, probably, in another 15-20 years’ time the business landscape will look totally different. That’s why I believe that we need a new set of career goals.

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Tuesday Jul 12, 2016

3 Mobile Apps to Power-Up Your Job Search

Long gone are the days when we had to literally knock at companies’ doors, leave a CV and hope for the best. As well as the days when we had to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to find opportunities outside of our home city or country.

Nowadays, with a smartphone and a decent internet connection, careers across the world are literally at our fingertips at any time. Job seeking is a 24/7 activity with people admitting they’re scouting the internet for better opportunities even on the job (30%), during meetings (21%) or during commute (38%)according to Jobvite.

With so many options and unlimited access to worldwide career resources, you may be wondering how to make the most out of this. Don’t worry – read and find out about 3 essential mobile apps to help you find and make the best career decisions.

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Monday Jul 11, 2016

5 Tips to Sell Your Experience and Get the Job

We’re all in sales; all the time. When you are looking for a new position, having relevant work experience on your CV is not enough to convince future employers that you are the person they want to hire. However, one lackluster 1-hour interview could be what the interviewer remembers most about you. How do you approach this with the confidence and the knowledge necessary to sell your skills, while assuring your potential new employer that you’re the person for the job?

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Are you prepared yet?

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The Sky Is Not the Limit: Rajeshwari’s Story

“Better late than never” seems to have worked pretty well for me. Later in life, I received some of the best personal and professional opportunities. After completing my Bachelor of Engineering, I started my first job in a multimedia company and gained invaluable experience in web and multimedia development. I did not have any specific goals at that point in time. All my aspirations and passions were like tiny fish in a vast ocean, just wandering without any direction. After getting married, I took a break from my full-time job to raise my kids. During this time, I ventured into freelancing, where I worked in various areas of the IT industry such as technical writing, testing, website management, SEO, and more. Read full story...

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Saturday Jul 09, 2016

I Love My Job – How a Campaign is Making a Global Impact

How many times throughout the course of your professional career have you thought to yourself, “wow, I really love my job”? How many accolades or “job well done-s” have you wanted to share with your friends, family or people in your network? This is the premise behind the “I Love My Job” campaign. So often we hear about a company’s culture, read a quote about innovation or see a well-designed ad promoting the brand. The mission here was to go beyond that, to turn to our most valuable assets, our employees, and ask them, “why Oracle”? That question alone would lead to a global campaign that has inspired, engaged and most importantly, empowered our team members to share their stories.

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4 Easy Ways to Navigate the Application Process

Ok, so you’ve polished your resume, crafted a knock-out cover letter and got a raving review and recommendation from your former employer. All set, good to go. Time to send your application for that coveted position you’ve had your eye on and pass the selection process with flying colors.

But once you’ve submitted your application it seems you enter a sort of job seeking limbo – an empty space between applying for jobs and hearing back from potential employers.

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