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Military spouses find their calling at Oracle

"I want to help other military spouses find their direction. That's why I tell them about this program." -Emerald T., Technical Project Manager Intern, Oracle Veteran Internship Program

Emerald met her husband four years ago while he was stationed in San Diego. In the fast-paced way of military life, they were married a year later. “He was already in the Navy when we met. I’m glad he’s so passionate about what he does but it can be scary and uncertain,” Emerald admits. “There’s a lot of stuff that he can’t tell me and there’s always a fear of having to get your information on the news.”

When her husband was taken off sea duty and told he would be taking on a new role as a recruiter, it seemed like Emerald’s prayers had been answered: They would be reunited. The only catch? She would have to uproot her life and move to San Francisco. Luckily, that’s when she discovered our Military Internship Program.

“The Navy didn’t really give my husband a choice about what job he was going to do. They just said ‘You have a recruiting option, where do you want to go?’ and he said ‘I want to go to San Francisco so my wife can have a chance to better her career,” Emerald recalls. “That was a sacrifice. He could have chosen to go to Arizona where his family is but he didn’t.”

“Military spouses have to deal with not being able to have a consistent career because we’re moving every two to three years,” Emerald explains. “I had to leave behind my job as a software developer behind and start all over again. It’s a tough lifestyle but it forces you to be resilient,” she reveals. “We keep our service men and women strong and level headed. We give them a home to return to. We do so much and we don’t ask for anything in return, other than a chance at employment.”

So when Emerald found our internship program on LinkedIn, her excitement was immediate. She connected with our recruiter, aced her interview on her lunch break, and went on to start a new career with us as a Technical Project Manager intern. It’s a whole new area for Emerald, but so far she’s loving it. 

“I feel like I’m building a foundation for other military spouses to prove themselves. Oracle gives us the chance to show how tough we are,” Emerald continues. “That shows me how much Oracle cares. They honor those who have served to protect our freedom and care about the well-being of their families.”

According to Emerald, it’s not always easy to find employers with the same mentality. “It really hits home for me because I’ve heard horror stories of people being turned down for positions just because their employer found out they’re a military spouse. You’re almost blacklisted from certain companies and it’s really heart-breaking having to go through that,” she shares. 

What advice does Emerald have for other military spouses who are facing these challenges? 

“The first thing is to increase your awareness of military recruitment programs like this. That’s crucial because that gives you a foot in the door. So you need to engage with the military community and military recruiters. Get networking, attend career fairs, and meet people in person. If people trust you, they’ll vouch for you,” she advises.

“Just like our spouses in the military rely on their partner to have their back, we on the home front have to do the same for each other. That’s why I want to help other military spouses find their direction. That’s why I tell them about this program. Yes I’m a military spouse. But I’m a software engineer too. Like you, I have an identity beyond what my significant other does.”

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  • Caroline Friday, May 8, 2020
    Thank you for sharing your story with us! Being a military spouse is not all, but definitely a big part of our lives - I think for the better. We cannot let it define us, but instead strengthen us so we can contribute positively to our work,home, and social environment.
    Thank you for everything you and your spouse do!
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