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    June 29, 2019

What is Oracle Sales Performance Management?

Nick Vautier
Director, Product Management

Oracle Sales Performance Management targets the needs of a modern, mobile sales team. 

Our SPM solution is adaptable, smart and aligned.

  • Adaptable – both to business needs and changing market requirements.
  • Smart – using intelligence and Advanced Analytics to model, predict, and recommend in support of business goals and objectives.
  • Aligned – supporting sales strategy through effective compensation. 

Our SPM solution provides the capabilities to increase revenue, decrease costs, retain employees and drive global consistency across regions and pillars

Increasing Revenue

While building out a complex compensation plan is a foundational requirement for SPM, Oracle believes that how our customers come to the model is even more important.  To that end, our customers are embracing Advanced Analytics to model their plans, territories and quota and predict potential revenue, quota attainment, compensation costs and more.  Intelligence is used to determine potential impacts of different models, recommend optimization strategies and effective rewards that drive the behavior our customers want.  Diagnostics Analytics supported by visual analysis enables business users to perform root cause analysis.  Predictive Analytics uses data from previous successes and sales to establish the best possible revenue attainment probabilities for each rep.  Prescriptive Analytics drives recommendations that achieve established goals.  Interactive visuals, familiar spreadsheet style modeling and real time updates create a user friendly experience that takes the complexity out of modeling, and enables the sales team to rapidly create effective plans. And a new product Oracle Sales Planning Cloud provides advanced quota and territory optimization with access to historical customer and sales data, predictive analytics and what-if analysis to better align resources for optimal performance.

Reducing Costs

Oracle SPM allows our customers to rapidly and accurately create and assign territories, quotas and plans in a fraction of the time of our competitors.  Modeling, visual analytics and automation enables rapid quota distribution and assignment reducing administrative time and effort In addition to administrative costs, our customers are able to create highly accurate commission payments, eliminating both overpayments and the associated time needed to resolve and recover.  For the few disputes that may occur, sales reps can take advantage of an automated dispute management process that resolves any issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Retaining Sales Reps and Partners

More than just operational efficiency, Oracle SPM’s high degree of accuracy enables rapid commission payments to all payees, whether employee or channel.  Employees are able to get paid very quickly after each period, directly leading to an increase in customer satisfaction.  The high degree of accuracy means that employees are able to accept their commissions and not worry about a correction during the next period.  With an integration to Oracle CPQ, employees are able to understand the effects on compensation during the quoting and discounting process. Many of our customers view the ability to pay Channels quickly and accurately as a key competitive advantage – especially in the Financial and Insurance industries where independent brokers can choose from multiple providers.  Partners are more willing to work with those vendors that are ready and able to reward them, and Oracle SPM provides our customers the ability to capitalize on that desire.

One Global Solution

Oracle believes that the best results from SPM come from using it in a holistic manner.  Oracle SPM is more than just a fully functional SPM solution; it is built on a common data quality backbone with the ability to enrich SPM processes with context from any Enterprise system our customer owns. Built on top of Oracle CDM's data enrichment capabilities, the customer data can be augmented to remove duplicates and ensure accurate ownership. And as a native part of Oracle Engagement Cloud, SPM is now used within the service paradigm with call center agents and field service reps leveraging these capabilities to optimize gains and outcomes. Additionally, customers find great value in Oracle’s common framework as we provide pre-packaged connectors to many of the market-leading SFA, HCM, and ERP solutions.

Based on a modern, scalable and standards based architecture, Oracle SPM has a proven ability to scale to any number of payees, regardless of the complexity of their plans.  It can leverage data from other systems to create, manage and automate sales strategies that go beyond Incentive Compensation and provide predictive and prescriptive insight to those strategies based upon a holistic view.    This framework can grow and adapt with their needs and directly reduces implementation, maintenance and IT costs, enables rapid issue resolution, grants market-leading system uptime, and simplifies the overall technology footprint, thereby reducing infrastructure and integration complexity.

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