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Are you taking Advantage of the E-Business Suite Product Based Support Analyzers?

Desiree Terrell
Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer

Are you taking advantage of the E-Business Suite Product Based Support Analyzers? I know you have heard about them! Everyone ‘should’ know what the EBS Analyzers do. So why ask, “Do you know what EBS Analyzers do? How can you benefit from running EBS Analyzers? What’s in it for me?”

In previous blogs we commented on what they are how they can benefit your business and operations:

Information on what the EBS Analyzers offers:

Analyzers are Query/Read only tools delivered by E-Business Suite Support. These Support Analyzers provide detailed analysis of various product areas like System Administration, Workflow, Manufacturing, Financials, HCM, etc…

The EBS Support Analyzers generate HTML formatted output Report files that can be viewed using any modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc), for ease of navigation, content, and flexibility that provides recommendations, solutions and early warnings of items that should be reviewed and corrected.

Each analyzer is a PL/SQL script or package that can be run from SQL*Plus and/or setup to run as a concurrent programs.  The scripts are meant to be part of your Production maintenance program by your Sysadmin. When installed as a concurrent program, users with the proper Responsibility can run and view the analyzer html reports from Concurrent Manager.

You can use the  E-Business Suite Support Analyzer Bundle Menu Tool (Doc ID 1939637.1) to manage your Analyzers. You can bulk load some or all of the Analyzers by scheduling the Analyzer Bundle AutoUpdate Concurrent Program which automatically includes new and updated Analyzers every month. The details to set this up are in E-Business Suite Support Analyzer Bundle AutoUpdate Concurrent Program (Doc 2377353.1)

Things to remember:

  • Application data is not altered in any way when the Analyzers are installed or run
  • No INSERTs, UPDATEs, DELETEs or any other changes to E-Business Suite data are done
  • You can Install/schedule the AutoUpdate Concurrent Program for new/updated Analyzers

So while you're thinking about the Holiday season shopping, cooking, eating, gifts, end of year system maintenance, Fiscal year planning, New Calendar year operational goals; Take a minute to look at the EBS Analyzers and see how they can help you!

Happy Holidays From the EBS Proactive Services Delivery Team!

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