Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Achieving Extreme Scale with Siebel CRM

At our recent Virtual Summit, we heard from our customers and Oracle experts on how Siebel CRM continues to deliver enterprise CRM at extreme scale with a diverse set of integration options and customizations.

Enterprise Architecture for Extreme Scale

Siebel CRM's metadata-driven architecture enables rapid application deployment, is highly customizable, built to last, and is developed to provide extreme performance, scalability and reliability. The “secret sauce” behind this extreme scale architecture allows customers to add a host of new applications, modules and functionalities without any disruptions.

We covered the various challenges that customers face with extreme scale implementations and found that with Siebel CRM, there is a solution to every one of those challenges.

Siebel CRM has always been capable of large scale, sophisticated implementations which a few of our customer greats can attest to - Sberbank with over 170k users, Airtel with 38k users, IndianOil with 32k users and Rabobank with 25k users. There’s an exciting roadmap ahead comprising of future enhancements to the Siebel CRM architecture which along with Oracle’s forward-thinking strategy for extreme scale, will provide more scale and choice for customers looking to run Siebel CRM on-premise or in the cloud.

You can watch this entire webinar here or download the presentation here.

Robust Integration

There are many integration options available in the latest release of Siebel CRM that provides amazing benefits within its three robust integration layers, i.e. the UI layer, the business layer and the database layer. Each layer has a variety of usages, mechanisms and benefits, and depending on the requirement, the customer is free to choose the layer they can leverage most. We went through a technical deep dive of Siebel’s latest REST API features - outbound REST API wizard and inbound REST API usages and highlighted the benefits and best practices.

We also heard from Brad Creevey at Australian DHA, who shared with us an impressive success story of their mission critical Siebel CRM implementation. Their platform provides a corporate system for enterprise case management and records management, having an extensive and complex integrating capability that covers over 100 individual interfaces.

The integration itself is deployed to support complex business environments and comes with its own set of challenges. Brad took us through these important integration challenges along with DHA’s long term strategy & roadmap to combat them. In short, their strategy is to evolve the Siebel platform by modernizing and enhancing its integration capabilities in an incremental way, via a wide range of initiatives such as Siebel updates, test automation, parallel development, API integration, etc.

You can watch this entire webinar here or download the presentation here.

Monitoring & Managing your Siebel CRM Deployment

Oracle Enterprise Manager

The Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) for Siebel CRM is a comprehensive monitoring solution that helps you manage your deployments. Within the OEM, the Siebel plug-in provides a rich set of functionalities all from one centralized console.

We heard a fantastic case study from Karl Brown at IRCC on how they use OEM to monitor their 20+ Siebel enterprises. He shared several best practices and valuable tips while addressing important challenges such as:
- how to keep the OEM monitoring independent from other environment activities
- how to reduce the time taken to deploy Siebel or even to migrate changes
- discovering the health of the environment
- improving Siebel component monitoring
- understanding the Siebel web tier

Smart Sensors

A unique solution that the Siebel CRM team have been working on for the past year and a half is the Smart Sensors. This functionality allows users to stay ahead of the curve, by providing a proactive 24/7 monitoring solution for Siebel on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The OEM along with Smart Sensors automates the monitoring process resulting in a more simplified management of the Siebel enterprise. It is worth mentioning that Smart Sensors come at no additional cost and are included in Premier Support. We heard a few examples where Smart Sensors can help detect potential issues, create SRs and route them to the respective service engineers, without causing any impact on production.

You can watch this entire webinar here or download the presentation here.

If you would like to further accelerate your plans for Siebel CRM transformation, or want to provide feedback on our latest release, then please take the Siebel CRM Innovation Survey.

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