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At the Siebel CRM Virtual Summit, our Siebel experts emphasized the importance of customer experience in organizations, especially in this ‘new normal’, as customers start to become more and more aware and gradually shift towards contactless digital channels. Within the telecommunications, financial services, public sector, health sciences and automotive industries, Siebel CRM provides the most comprehensive integrated solution across the CX value chain be it sales, marketing, service or loyalty. This article highlights various success stories presented by our customers, within each respective industry.


Ashish Santuka from Airtel took us through their Postpaid transformation journey - with 36M customers, 11M transactions per day and 16k user sessions, this project proved to be extremely complex. He detailed the various customizations that they were able to develop with Open UI such as customer 360, omni-view & mobile services. They were able to achieve increased performance with order API and B2B bulk orders as well as realized benefits from implementing CI-CD for DevOps. The resulting ROI:

  • A very stable platform, eliminating the perception that Siebel is slow.
  • Reduction in customer issues by 95%.
  • A single view for all customers (retail, B2B, M2M) across the organization.
  • Dramatic reduction in response time.
  • They are now able to deploy every fortnight or if need be, weekly as well.

Muhammad Umar Zameer from TPG Telecom (formerly Vodafone Australia) gave us an insight into their Siebel upgrade from IP 2013 to 20.x. They have a highly integrated system with Siebel as the core CRM with order management capabilities, and a single instance for both consumer and enterprise customers. They were able to completely redesign and revamp the Siebel application to align with the look and feel of their existing self-service digital channel. Vodafone realized benefits such as:

  • 20% improvement in sales journeys.
  • 30% improvement in performance across all critical transactions.
  • Reduction in time to market by 40%.
  • Reduced down time to 99%.

You can watch this entire webinar here or download the presentation here.

Clinical Trials

Siebel CRM’s Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) has had a big impact within Pharma and Contract Research Organizations (CRO), especially during this pandemic. The robust Siebel CTMS is currently the market leader and has been the primary tool for the last 10-15 years for clinical trial management. Jim Streeter gave us a detailed insight on how CTMS is used, its processes, vision, extensive capabilities, the challenges that it can address, as well as the business gains and key benefits of the tool. Some of the main differentiators of the CTMS are automated workflows, scalability, multi-lingual enablement, flexible cloud upgrades, etc. Jim also briefed us on the best-of-breed Siebel CTMS that is available in the Cloud and highlighted a number of associated customer success stories.

You can watch this entire webinar here or download the presentation here.

Financial Services

Chezian Elango from KeyBank and Ashish Mandovara from Cognizant covered the modernization journey of their Siebel CRM platform. This was one of the biggest upgrade projects with migration from Windows to Linux, 60+ integrations, 200+ batch jobs and 50+ interfacing systems. Their focus was to reimagine and enable a more intelligent, connected sales and client management tool for consumer business.

After thorough evaluation of the various CRM platforms from Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft, KeyBank narrowed in on Oracle’s Siebel CRM solution and decided to continue investing on it for their modernization project. Siebel met all major criteria - technical, business and other key capabilities that was required. Along with a host of benefits of upgrading, they were able to considerably lower TCO and time to market while achieving greater performance. They were able to leverage all the new capabilities on the latest version as well as the CI-CD functionality.

You can watch this entire webinar here or download the presentation here.


In these times of global uncertainty, organizations continue to rely on the Siebel CRM platform for superior digital experience. With the user traffic shifting across channels, companies are leveraging Siebel CRM like never before. We had Christina Paulsen from Riverland Reply share with us an amazing UX transformation solution, that they created for one of Central Europe’s biggest automotive companies. She took us through the new UI of the customer’s B2B Fleet Management System, whose CRM core is connected to around 50 interfaces. This platform was in need of modernization and simplification. Christina highlighted the associated challenges and best practices that went into deploying the new solution. The realized benefits were:

  • A clean, optimized, non-cluttered structure.
  • 2x improvement in satisfaction score.
  • Reduced process completion time where most of the process steps were reachable in <5 clicks.

You can watch this entire webinar here or download the presentation here.

Public Sector

Roy Thomas from Transfer Payments Ontario shared the organization’s Siebel upgrade strategy, which was done to enhance the entire user experience for the different types of user groups that they are connected to. Even though they had very limited funding for this project, by upgrading to the latest release, they addressed various challenges and reaped a number of UI benefits. What resulted was a lean technology footprint with Siebel as the primary driver - a citizen centered and digital first UX design. They were able to optimize the Siebel OpenUI framework to achieve an intuitive UX, thereby increasing cost efficiency and quicker time to market.

Adam Sikora, along with Vincent Mathias and Tariq Hasan from Ontario Public Services Land & Resources Cluster presented their Compliance Re-engineering Information Systems Project (CRISP). It was essentially a strategy to modernize and replace their legacy applications and the processes that come with it. Vincent took us through a demo of the CRISP which highlighted the benefits of upgrading Siebel to the latest release of Oracle Service Cloud, while also enabling REST API connectivity between the two.       

You can watch this entire webinar here or download the presentation here.

You can also visit the events page to access all the other sessions. If you would like to further accelerate your plans for Siebel CRM transformation, or want to provide feedback on our latest release, then please take the Siebel CRM Innovation Survey.

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