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The Next Big Things for Oracle Cloud Platform

Peter Heller
Senior Director

The pace of innovation never slows and Oracle is with you all the way!  In the Next Big Things session at OpenWorld 2018, the Oracle Cloud Platform team showcased its coolest user experiences, latest development environments, and new blockchain applications. 

Every technology wave provides great opportunities.
- Oracle is ready...  When will they show up on your roadmap? 

Here you can watch highlights (2 minutes) or the entire session (40 minutes).

In this post, I’ll highlight our five demonstrations.

Immersive Experiences

The state-of-the-art in user experiences continues to be immersive experiences delivered as augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality.  All these models depend on various forms of AI to deliver natural human interactions. 

These appealing experiences are expected asap in commercial and consumer applications, and Oracle is enabling developers to layer in these experiences without having to become experts in fields of esoteric AI research.   

Oracle offers four areas for immersive experiences:  content management, mobile applications, digital twins for Internet of Things applications, and analytic visualizations.

In the first demonstration, using Oracle Content Experience, a magazine advertisement was brought to life with augmented reality and engaged a consumer in a buying experience.  Using a mobile phone pointed at the advertisement, the product appeared three-dimensionally above the page.  The product was manipulated in a virtual fashion – both on the magazine page and then onto the floor!  And during the interaction experience, marketing information displayed around the virtual product.  Totally cool!

Digital Assistants

As consumers, we are familiar with various digital assistants and conversational chatbots.  Typically, there is natural language interaction combined with enterprise information providing a productive experience – and if questions become unanswerable, there is a seamless handoff to a human agent. 

However, the more immersive spin is to personalize the textual experience with a human face.  For our demonstrations, we featured a partner, Quantum Capture, who specializes in human avatars as the interaction paradigm.   Their extremely clever technology enables a conversational chatbot experience  face-to-face with a fully animated gesturing avatar.  The next time you check into a hotel, your experience may be enhanced with the personification of a digital assistant!

AI and Data Science

AI and Data Science are clearly the next catalyst for innovation.  61% of surveyed corporations declare that AI is their most significant data initiative with $5T of potential derived business value.

Data Scientists conduct experiments that rely on large data sets, running on high performance infrastructure, and using specialized programming languages.

At the heart of data science experiments are the building, training, and managing of models.  Using our best-in-class product suite, Oracle Data Science, this demonstration illustrated the complete lifecycle of how data scientists perfect their models -  including team collaboration, and training on Oracle’s high performance AI infrastructure.

Blockchain Applications

Blockchain is still an exciting transformational opportunity that brings trust and transparency to where there was none before.

Oracle offers a standards-based blockchain platform that can run your consortia or private/private blockchains at enterprise scale.

This year, Oracle announced a new family of ready-to-use blockchain applications integrated with Oracle IOT Cloud that coordinate track and trace information across supply chain trading partners.

This strikingly visual demonstration illustrated tracking a shipment in a complex supply chain with trading partners running on different applications.  At the final destination, the product was rejected for improper handling.  While visually tracing the shipment, it was discovered that an IOT truck sensor detected a handling anomaly in-transit.

Visual Development

Better tools are needed to accelerate development for professional and non-professional developers

Eliminating application backlog is best accomplished by simplifying the development process.  Popularly known as low-code and no-code, visual development tools are state-of-the-art.

To be effective, you need a common platform that is polyglot and component based.  In this demonstration, Oracle Visual Builder, showed the ease of building a function-rich mobile application built from homegrown and community components using simple drag and drop.


So, all in all, it was an exciting session.   Visit Oracle.com and Cloud.oracle for more information.

See you next year!