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Virtual Humans on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure HPC

Taylor Newill
HPC Director

A great cloud success story is how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has enabled ELEM Biotech. We've invited ELEM Biotech founders Mariano Vazquez, Chris Morton, Guillaume Houzeaux, and Jose Maria Cela to share how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure High-Performance Computing (HPC) enables them to make Virtual Humans. Check out their company at http://www.elem.bio/.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is at the heart of the revolution that ELEM Biotech wants to lead. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides the flexible and secure HPC power that we need, especially thanks to the performance of its bare metal instances.

ELEM Biotech develops Alya Red. With a software as a service (SaaS) model deployed in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Alya Red allows users to set up and run advanced simulations and analyze them through a sophisticated, tailor-made biomedical interface. Alya Red is the biomedical interface, the cloud deployment and orchestration, the simulation engine, and a cloud-based database. Pacemakers, valve replacements, stents, anti-arrhythmic drugs, obstructive pulmonary diseases and asthma treatments, drug pumps—all of these scenarios can be set up now using Alya Red. Our Virtual Humans are created in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, where medical devices manufactures, pharmaceutical companies, and CROs can analyze their products and optimize the treatments to better fit patients. The Alya Read team has almost 50 developers at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and another 40 developers elsewhere. We have provided services to and received funding from Juan Yacht Design, Repsol, Iberdrola, and Medtronic.

Alya Red is running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s HPC instances with large cases, using up to 1,000 cores. The results are extremely promising: we are seeing the same scalability on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure HPC that we see in our dedicated MareNostrum cluster, and we are able to get the results back 90 percent faster because there is no queue time. It's worth mentioning that the code, which was tuned for MareNostrum, was compiled and run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's bare metal instances with RDMA without requiring any additional libraries or tuning—truly "lift and shift."

Public HPC resources are largely focused on academia, and they can't provide the required quality of service that software such as Alya Red needs. That's where Oracle solves the problem with its HPC instances and cloud infrastructure. Thanks to the Oracle Startup Ecosystem and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's HPC offering, ELEM Biotech has been able to hit the ground running in the HPC world.

Our vision is that with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Alya Red will progressively include more human systems and organs, all of them validated and certified by regulatory agencies for their context of use. Our Virtual Humans will contribute to largely reducing animal and human testing, and reducing product costs and time to market. We hope to reduce the healthcare gap between rich and poor by streamlining innovation in medical devices and pharmaceutical industries.

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