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Ksplice Provides Zero-Downtime Patching for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS Instances

Julie Wong
Product Management Director

We are pleased to announce Oracle Ksplice patching support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS instances deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This enhancement extends the Ksplice patching support that is already offered on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Oracle Linux deployments. With Ksplice support, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure now offers zero-downtime patching for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS instances. And even better, Ksplice support is provided to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure subscribers at no additional cost.

Oracle Ksplice technology enables you to update systems with new security errata (CVE) patches without the need to reboot. As a result, you can be current with operating system vulnerability patches while minimizing downtime. Ksplice actively applies updates to running images instead of making on-disk changes that take effect only after subsequent reboots. With this added Ksplice support in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you now have an enhanced set of tools to use with your Linux system, making it easier to cope with security threats and other issues without impacting running systems in the cloud.

New Linux kernel updates come out about once a month, and that has meant coordinating with end users and stakeholders to schedule and manage multiple-hour outage windows on Sundays at 2 a.m. Now, you can use Ksplice to install critical kernel security patches without delay, while the system is running, and with no disruption. 

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure subscribers also have the option of switching to Oracle Linux to enjoy many more cloud-ready enhancements and Oracle Linux Premier Support at no additional cost. With Oracle Linux, Ksplice extends its services to patching critical user space libraries such as glibc and openssl without incurring any downtime.

To use Ksplice on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, see Installing Ksplice Uptrack within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in the Ksplice user guide. You can also watch a video that demonstrates how easy it is to use Ksplice in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Try out Ksplice on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure today. Start saving time and money, and prevent disastrous security incidents by keeping your systems up-to-date at all times. If you don't have an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account already, sign up with free cloud credits to get started.

Ksplice support is also available with Oracle Linux Premier Support for on-premises Oracle Linux customers. 

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