Meet the 100+ Oracle Analytics Leaders of 2021

May 18, 2021 | 6 minute read
Benjamin Arnulf
Senior Director, Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics
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When we started the Oracle Analytics Leaders community last year, no one could have anticipated just how unprecedented the times we were entering would be. Since then, the data and analytics community has come together in phenomenal ways in a time of crisis. This group of forward-thinking business leaders and futurists and their teams managed vaccination systems to combat the spread of Covid-19. They guided retailers to adapt their strategies for survival in a time of lockdowns and quarantine.   And now they are ensuring employees are safe as they return to work and children are protected as they return to school.

An Unstoppable Analytics Community

At Oracle Analytics, we know that analytic solutions, AI, and ML can change the world. But this year provided one of the most immediate and pressing real-world case studies for the power of data, and this group went above and beyond to answer the call. They are our unstoppable Oracle Analytics Leaders, a powerful network and community.

Their influence runs both far and deep. These leaders are active customer advisers, offering their expertise to product management, product development, and product strategy. They serve on our customer advisory board, tapping into analytics use cases to shape our roadmap and improve our products. They offer their time as speakers and experts at conferences and analyst briefings, network with other leaders at Global Fortune 500 companies, and help champion the Oracle Analytics vision.

This year, rather than slowing down, they ramped up. Putting the power of analytics into action, they helped protect their communities and shared their learnings with others. From advanced analytics to blockchain, machine learning, chatbot, data science, spatial analysis, and data visualizations, they doubled down under crisis. We are grateful for their perseverance.

In a year of challenges, they all rose above and beyond. It is literally true that the world as we know it today would not be the same without you. It is an honor and a privilege to work alongside you, and we thank you for everything you do. 

Thank you to all our Oracle Analytics Leaders:


You too can become an Oracle Analytics leader. Learn about the benefits of our program and how to get started  To get information about our solutions, go to, and follow us on Twitter@OracleAnalytics 

Benjamin Arnulf

Senior Director, Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics

Benjamin Arnulf is Senior Director, Product Strategy covering Oracle Analytics and AI.

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