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March 26, 2024 | 2 minute read
Jane Richardson
Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA
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Information on Primavera

Project managers and team members need to use project management software tools to be able to monitor and control project performance, especially in more complicated and multifaceted projects where it is difficult to complete deliveries on time and on budget without the aid such software tools.

Primavera P6 allows users to manage highly complex projects and helps manage risks. It’s a powerful, robust, and easy-to-use solution for prioritizing, planning, managing, and evaluating projects, programs, and portfolios. It is used globally in many industries such as engineering, especially construction. 

The Oracle Academy Member Hub channel for Italy now includes a new video to explain Primavera and how this software was created.

 - It explains the process of accessing Primavera P6 on the Oracle Academy platform as well as other resources that are offered by Oracle Academy.

 - It includes steps as to how to install Primavera P6 on a classroom or computer lab computer

-  Finally, we see what Primavera looks like once installed and what is included in this software.

With Primavera, you can:

- Manage resources and costs

- Manage project scheduling

- Identify and prioritize risk management

- Look at functions such as the contract management function

- Manage reporting, including creation of customized reporting

- Look at the “What If” function that helps to conduct, analyze, and visualize possible alternative plans.


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Jane Richardson

Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA

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