Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Partner Spotlight - Boxfusion

For this Partner Spotlight we talked with Geraint Thomas, Business Development and Managing Consultant at Boxfusion.

Boxfusion Consulting specializes in the implementation of Oracle Siebel CRM and Oracle CX suite of solutions. Our team of 40, supports projects around the world from our HQ in London, UK, with the teams divided across the two core areas.

In our Siebel practice of ~15 specialists, we focus on solving the high-value business challenges faced by our customers. Our team is divided amongst Siebel Open UI specialists, Siebel UX Architects, designers and upgrade specialists.

We are rapidly expanding our Oracle CX practice with specialists in the new Oracle CX technologies that can be used to extend Siebel such as Engagement Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. With the evolution of Oracle PaaS solutions, we are also delivering new innovation for the delivery of enterprise CX solutions with expertise in Integration, Java and Mobile Oracle Cloud solutions.

We are currently working on the following Siebel CRM projects:

  • Consumer Goods (Europe) - Siebel Mobile Proof of Concept and production support
  • Financial Services - Insurance (Europe) - UX transformation of call center application (follow-on to work to transform a Siebel portal partner application).
  • Financial Services (Europe) - production support and ongoing enhancement program for a customer facing Siebel portal application based on Siebel Open UI.
  • Public Sector (Europe) - Siebel upgrade to IP2018 

What are your key Siebel CRM related offerings and services that are available?

Boxfusion have focused on Siebel Open UI development since its release in 2012. We are amongst the most highly experienced Siebel Open UI consultancies with over 25 customers and over 40 Open UI projects. Our focus has been on pushing the boundaries of the technology, defining best practices and delivering performant, supportable solutions.

Siebel Open UI development - all our consultants are Siebel experts who have then gone on to master the Open UI specialism, therefore they are able to deliver best practice implementations with development in the correct layer for performance and maintainability. We have a proven track record of meeting the demands of any UX improvement that we are challenged to achieve.

Siebel UX Design - focused on achieving the maximal UX improvements from modern UX design principles coupled with a deep understanding of the Open UI API and best practice Siebel configuration to deliver results at the minimal cost. On average we have been able to achieve a staggering 75% in process improvements from our UX optimization work.

Siebel Open UI developer training - a comprehensive masterclass for Siebel developers that enables them on the required web technologies, understanding of the Open API, best practice standards, and an extensive hands-on program building real world Siebel extensions. Delegates are tutored by members of our expert Open UI development team, with experience of multiple real-world Open UI implementations.

Siebel upgrades - with over 19 successful upgrades, we are the European leaders for Siebel upgrades. Now with the first of our customers upgraded to IP2018, we understand the challenges of the upgrade pathway to this release in detail.

Siebel & Oracle CX Cloud synergy - Boxfusion were amongst the first system integrators to extend Siebel with the power of the Oracle CX cloud, with the implementation of Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud integrated with Siebel. This exciting approach allows the exploitation of the power and flexibility of the cloud, alongside the functional power of Siebel where customers have often invested heavily over the years.

What are your key Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) offerings and services that relate to Siebel CRM?

Boxfusion as an Oracle Platinum Partner specialized in Siebel and Oracle CX Cloud: https://www.boxfusionconsulting.com/cx-cloud

The Boxfusion synergy pathway enables the market leading features of the Oracle CX Cloud to be implemented in a single seamless UI for Sales and Service. We have expertise using Oracle Integration Cloud and integrating Siebel CRM with Oracle CX Cloud products and more recently have developed capability with Chatbots and Visual Builder Cloud service enabling us to build more bespoke application extensions for Siebel and CX Cloud products.

What other products or innovations have you created that complement Siebel CRM?

Siebel Open UI performance - with the flexibility of the UI enabled by Open UI, we can show information more richly and intuitive to users. We can reduce screen complexity while increasing the amount of information shown to users. This, however, starts to hit the limitations of performance for the standard Siebel business layer that can make a user interface feel unresponsive. Boxfusion have pioneered approaches to load Siebel applets in parallel, ensuring that the UI is responsive no matter the volume of data that needs to be retrieved and shown to users.

Oracle PaaS extensions to Siebel - with the power and flexibility of the Oracle PaaS platform, Boxfusion has worked with customers to create powerful extensions to Siebel. A recent example of this development is using an Oracle Mobile Cloud app for event booking. The UI and integration to Siebel were rapidly built using the Oracle Mobile Cloud components, with the UI aesthetics of a modern mobile application.

Product configuration with Siebel can be complex and require significant user training to understand the product structure and potential options. The lack of guidance and visibility of valid options makes for an extremely poor user experience, which can increase training time and result in sub-optimal product choices that risk sales and dent customer experience. Boxfusion have worked with the Siebel product API to produce a framework to only show valid combinations, with straightforward feedback guiding the user to complete the configuration.

What recent Siebel CRM customer success stories do you have to share?

Over the course of the last 18 months, Boxfusion has delivered solutions to customers in multiple industries, delivering optimization and new capability with Siebel Open UI.

Telecommunications Customer (Europe) - development of an order management system for complex product creation and management. This includes the development of a Siebel Open UI framework for improving the usability of Siebel product configuration with an innovative UX optimization of the product configuration process, significantly reducing the steps required for product configuration.

Financial Services - Banking (Europe) - the creation of a multi-level security validation service for the inbound interactions with the call center. An extendable framework was constructed to allow business administrators to create and change security questions, with answers sourced from Siebel and non-Siebel data.

Telecommunications Customer (South America) - the creation of a unified customer dashboard of assets, billing, and interaction history, reducing call handling time, by up to 70%. 

Financial Services - Banking (Central America) - UX design and Open UI implementation of a unified customer product and services dashboard.

Financial Services - Insurance (Europe) - Siebel UX transformation of a Siebel partner portal delivering process improvements and reduction in navigation steps. Information is displayed graphically, and the user is directed to critical time-sensitive information.

Financial Services (Europe) - a customer facing Siebel portal for registration, account maintenance and payments.

Consumer Goods (Europe) - Siebel upgrade to the latest version and enablement of Siebel Open UI.

What is your vision for Siebel CRM innovation and Digital Transformation?

Siebel is an extremely flexible CX focal point for a scalable enterprise. While we know that Siebel can be configured and extended for almost any task, the business case does not always stack up for a commercial decision to extend Siebel directly when measured against utilizing a separate but dedicated solution to tackle emerging business problems or ever evolving CX interaction requirements. Our vision is for an end to end Oracle solution to meet all CX needs, with the benefit and control offered by a single vendor. For organizations who are customer centric and driving revenue growth strategies from meeting customer experience expectations, Oracle CX Cloud platform extensions to Siebel are the optimal approach to take.

Core to this vision is the flexibility of the Siebel UI construct and role in coordination across the enterprise and customer interactions. Our goal is to ensure customers are able to exploit the latest Siebel innovation by transitioning from the often-dreaded upgrade process, into a seamless standardized process that is implemented alongside standard Siebel development windows.

For more information on Siebel CRM solutions and services, visit the Boxfusion website. They also have an extensive series of blogs on Siebel, which include their insights into Siebel Open UI development, UX approaches to Siebel and opinion and insight into the Siebel product roadmap.