Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Partner Spotlight - ec4u

For this Partner Spotlight we talked with Peer Stehling, who is a Member of the Board at ec4u.

ec4u expert consulting ag has been practicing Siebel for almost 12 years and currently with a Siebel Team of 40 consultants. In the coming year, they plan to recruit at least 3 new consultants. Presently, they are working on about 8 to 10 Siebel CRM projects.

What are your key Siebel CRM related offerings and services that are available?

Within our Customer Management Portfolio we are offering Siebel Upgrade (more than 40 upgrade projects within the last 3 years) as well as Siebel Open UI/UX design topics.

Our specialty is a long experience in the field of Siebel. We certificate around 10-15 consultants in Open UI every year and we have a lot of best practices in different areas and industries.

We also offer our own product: The Turtle API, which is supported by a complex API with multiple features, to improve working with Siebel OpenUI - short, easy and well documented functions improve daily developing tasks. Packaging existing Siebel functions, to reduce user inputs and completely new elements.

What are your key Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) offerings and services that relate to Siebel CRM?

Siebel on Cloud (IaaS), Siebel & Cloud CX integration/migration, Siebel and PaaS (chatbots, mobile, documents etc,), Siebel & Marketing Cloud integrations/migrations.

What’s your specialty and why?

We collected a lot of best practices and experiences over the years and transformed in different cases OnPremise solutions into the cloud. We delivered in total over 700 projects in Sales, Marketing, Service and CallCenter. Blockshelf listed us and counts us as one of the Top Open UI Upgrade Partner.

Do you have any recent customer success in this space?

Bosch: As Bosch Sicherheitssystem’s implementation partner, ec4u has been responsible for planning, executing and supporting the technical upgrade. ec4u provided the following deliverables:

  • Infrastructure setup
  • Technical migration
  • Introduction Open UI
  • Rollout & support

ec4u has been supporting Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH with the entire technical solution and smooth operation in all German subsidiaries.

SPS: ec4u assisted SPS to replace Oracle CRM On Demand with the Oracle Sales Cloud. This involved migrating existing CRM data to the Sales Cloud, for which ec4u stayed on board through the entire process.

Swisscom: ec4u implemented the definition of pre-defined Order templates to handle a huge number of contracts. All contract modifications are saved in CRM and fulfilled in OSS. The solution supports retry mechanisms, logs statistics and offers throttling options in case the fulfillment system gets overloaded. The module is highly configurable and can set priority for dedicated Bulk Processes.

Coloplast: At first, ec4u focused on rolling out the global CRM template and standardizing processes and KPIs at as many subsidiaries as possible. As the project progressed, ec4u concurrently developed the template and adapted it to new requirements raised by subsidiaries. Moreover, ec4u integrated the data warehouse and marketing cloud into the system.

RWE: It’s important for RWE Customer Service GmbH to operate a call center solution that assures an optimal and preferably “case concluding” means for customer inquiries. The quick and smooth processing of customer requests is the foundation of first-class service and therefore vital for the success of RWE. ec4u has been involved in the project as a technical partner and Siebel expert since the beginning and supported RWE throughout all project phases such as requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, and various rollouts.

What other products or innovations have you created that complement Siebel CRM?

Our ec4u Turtle API is a modular library with the following functions and components:

  • Headstart in the world of the Siebel Open UI
  • Full documentation via the ec4u Turtle API
  • 73 new JavaScript functions:
  • Six optimized, ready-to-use components
    1. Vertical scroll bar for applets
    2. Google Maps integration
    3. Progress bar
    4. Advanced notification
    5. Workflow panels
    6. AngularJS for Siebel Open UI
  • High-quality code
  • Can be integrated immediately and directly in Oracle Siebel

ec4u Turtle API has two JavaScript files containing all the necessary functions and components to significantly boost performance of the Siebel Open UI.

“Mobileforce for Siebel” – We help with our approach to migrate Siebel CRM to mobile devices.

What are the most innovative and exciting customer projects you’ve been involved with recently?

We are working at Swisscom on a great innovative project, with supporting in the field of Service in a high agile team (we currently can’t share further details).

What are your best ever customer testimonials and why?

Swisscom: “For over ten years, ec4u has been assisting us at Swisscom in a wide variety of joint projects based on Oracle CRM technologies. During this period, ec4u always delivered excellent and dependable services that enabled us to successfully execute many CRM system releases.”

SPS: David Dorling, Strategic Sales & Marketing: “We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending ec4u, who demonstrated their competency throughout the project. With their support and advice, we achieved our go-live date and we have been impressed with performance of Oracle Sales Cloud since it went operational.”

Coloplast: Lone Bundgaard, Vice President: “ec4u demonstrated its competency and dependability as a project partner, one we could work with effectively throughout the rollout program. We received excellent advice from day one and are very pleased with the smooth execution of the CRM project.

What is your vision for Siebel CRM innovation and Digital Transformation? 

The CRM landscape will further evolve into cloud business but we see a remaining market space for on-premise solutions, for a couple of years.

Siebel can provide the same level of support for digital transformation as other CRM suites can do. From our perspective, this can even go beyond limitations which cloud-based suites may not cross, because on-premise applications provide a more sophisticated security layer which allows tighter integration into business-critical and internal data stores which cannot be exposed into the cloud.

We can provide valuable add-ons for Siebel like UI enhancements such as Turtle API and certain extensions like the Amazon Alexa interface. Even more so, we can help customers with our digital services to further develop Siebel CRM into the next generation.

ec4u is the only Siebel consultancy which is able to demonstrate real-life examples of CI/CD which goes beyond any border. Our mobile framework “Mobileforce for Siebel” helps customers within a few days to move on with mobile devices.

Actually, these are just some examples of our innovative enhancements for Siebel which we still see as a mighty competitor in the area of Customer Journey Management.

For more information on Siebel CRM solutions and services, visit the ec4u website.

You can also find a few of their Siebel References and Customer Case Studies in the links below:

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