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How to Improve Your Data Management Strategy

Jason Jacquez
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Data is an organization’s most valuable asset.  Market leaders in every industry depend on analytics to reach new customers, streamline business processes, and gain a competitive edge.  Data warehouses remain at the heart of these business intelligence (BI) initiatives, but traditional data warehouse projects are complex undertakings that take months or even years to deliver results. 

Relying on a cloud provider accelerates the process of provisioning data warehouse infrastructure, but in most cases database administrators (DBAs) still have to install and manage the database platform. It often includes working with the line-of-business leaders to build the data model and analytics. Once the warehouse is deployed—either on premise or in the cloud—they face an endless cycle of tuning, securing, scaling, and maintaining these analytic assets.

Data visualization is necessary to making data-driven decisions and maximizing the value of your data.  So how do you take control of your data and find answers to questions about past scenarios and patterns, while predicting future events?

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse represents a game-changing category of data-management cloud—an easier way to store, manage data, and access your analytics quickly.  Oracle Autonomous Database is self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing, and designed to eliminate the manual, error-prone management processes. You can deploy a data warehouse in the cloud in minutes. Provisioning, patching, updating, backing up, tuning, and applying security patches are all taken care of while the system is running, giving DBAs more time to focus on obtaining insights, architecting new applications, and solidifying security.

Simplify IT and Unleash New Business Opportunities in the Cloud

Oracle offers a complete path to the cloud that encompasses integrated IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions. With Oracle Cloud, it provides a complete data ecosystem in which a broad set of related cloud services work together automatically—and in many cases, autonomously. Machine learning and AI help IT to eliminate downtime, spot performance anomalies, identify security risks, and automate troubleshooting activities. In addition, all Oracle Cloud solutions allow for flexible deployment models, enabling you to seamlessly migrate your IT workloads from an on-premise data center to the cloud, and back again.  For on-premises requirements, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is available on the new Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer–behind your private firewall and in your data center. 

New Levels of Automation

With Oracle’s Autonomous Database enables a data warehouse to provide a simple load-and go process. Users can simply specify tables, load data, and then run their workloads. There is no manual configuration or tuning needed.  Both computing and storage capacity are instantly elastic, meaning you can expand or shrink computing and storage resources independently, with no downtime.

Autonomous Database for Data Warehouse requires minimal administration. A data warehouse can be created in a matter of minutes. Since it is preconfigured for automated patches and upgrades, your organization can reduce manual, error-prone management processes that characterize traditional data-warehouse implementations. The database detects available patches and automatically applies them, without human intervention. 

Data Warehousing Made Easy

When it comes to data warehousing, Oracle has the answer. Instead of having constraints in securing, maintaining, and tuning data warehouses - organizations are turning to the world’s first fully autonomous data warehouse. You can simplify your IT infrastructure and minimize capital investments by utilizing Oracle Cloud services for your infrastructure, data management, applications, and business intelligence. Autonomous operations supported by service-level agreement (SLA) guarantees provide further incentive to migrate IT operations to the cloud.

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