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Drop Zones for Classic Pages

Matthew Haavisto
Product Management Director

We introduced Drop Zones in PeopleTools 8.57 as described here.  This feature enables customers to customize their pages, adding fields and other page elements without affecting the delivered page.  This can have a significant impact on your life cycle because your page customizations won't be affected when you take a new image.  Image uptake is thus easier, faster, and cheaper.  In 8.57, Drop Zones are only available on Fluid pages.

Now with PeopleTools 8.58, Drop Zones have been extended to Classic pages, enabling you to isolate even more of your customizations.  The drop zone implementation process remains similar to that for fluid drop zones.

Before starting starting with classic Drops Zones, consider these criteria:

  • PeopleSoft applications add Drop Zones to selected classic pages. These drop zone-enabled pages will be delivered to customers in PeopleSoft application update images on PeopleTools 8.58.
  • On classic pages, a drop zone is a special group box with the Drop Zone Group Box option selected.


  • Each drop zone must contain the PT_ERCSUBPAGE_STUB, which is dynamically replaced at runtime.

Once you have PeopleTools 8.58 and applications with Drop Zone pages, you can do the following:

  • Customers design and create classic subpage definitions containing your fields to be dynamically inserted in the subpage

  • The fields on your subpages are displayed and processed along with the main page without any differentiation of where the items are defined
  • Associate your classic subpages to drop zones  (Unconfigured drop zones are ignored and not rendered at runtime)

One last point.  As with Fluid Drop Zones, only insert your custom subpages into delivered drop zones.  Do NOT create your own drop zones.  That would be a customization and defeat the purpose.

Get Started Now

Even if you are not yet on an application image that contains Drop Zones, you can prepare ahead of time, making implementation faster. 

  • Review and catalog your page customizations (Fluid and Classic) and compare them against the pages with delivered drop zones in the images you will eventually uptake.
  • Consider which page customizations you want to implement with Drop Zones.  Prioritize them.
  • Start building subpages containing those customizations.
  • When you move to the application images that contain drop zones, you can simply insert the subpages you've created as described above

PeopleSoft has been making a significant effort to enable you to reduce the impact of customizations, thus lowering the cost of keeping your system current.  Drop Zones is one of many features to help with this.  See the page on configuration on peoplesoftinfo.com for more information on this important topic.

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