May we suggest some tips for sending an email reminder to your manager to approve your pending PeopleSoft Requisitions? Part 1

July 18, 2023 | 4 minute read
Anup Maduskar
Principal Product Manager
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Your manager is most likely busy with their own high priority tasks and you are also under pressure to requisition and/or purchase some highly desirable items for stocking purposes. It sometimes is important to act quickly in order to to reduce order lead times if items are in short supply or to take advantage of special pricing to help your organization receive special pricing benefits or control costs. Is there a way to get the attention of your manager?

Yes! There is way to send a reminder email to your approver, and in this current blog we will discuss the setup and functionality for Peoplesoft Requisitions. For setting up the same capability for the PeopleSoft Purchase Order, we’ll follow up with a similar blog in a  Part 2.

Please consider the following business scenario:

Let’s meet the actors in this scenario:

Kelly Jones – Requester

Chris Baker – Kelly’s manager

The Organization has a contract with  a Supplier  Computers Unlimited Pty Ltd  to supply computer accessories, however that agreement is expiring in a few days with no renewal discussions in progress.  To save on costs,  Kelly felt he should submit a Requisition for a quantity of 100  Wireless Optical Mouse units in order to take advantage of the negotiated pricing for this stocked items while the special contract pricing is still in effect.  As of today, it is still pending approval with the Approver, Chris Baker

Kelly is now in a situation that in order to meet the procurement  deadline his  Requisition needs approval right away. He wonders if there is a way to send a reminder email to his approver. PeopleSoft provides  functionality to  enable Kelly to send an email reminder to Chris.

How to enable the Send Approval Reminder Button functionality for Requisitions

Navigate to the Requisition Authorizations Page of User Kelly Jones and enable the Can Send Approval Reminder checkbox

Navigation: Type “User Preferences” in the Menu Search Box and choose Define User Preferences

Approval Pic1

Approval Pic2

Ensure email addresses have been defined in the User Profile of the Approver(s) and  in this example it would be Chris Baker

Navigation: Type “User Profile” in the Menu Search Box and choose User Profiles

Approval Pic3

Approval Pic4

Here is an example of how to send a reminder email for Requisitions awaiting  Approval

As stated earlier Kelly had submitted a Requisition for 100 Wireless Optical Mouse units.

Approval Pic5

Chris,  the approver, had received an email in his Inbox which was the initial request for approval which perhaps he overlooked.

Approval Pic6

After waiting an acceptable period of time, Kelly can navigate to the Requester Workbench and search for the Requisition. Once found, he can  click on the Send Approval Reminder button. The application confirms with a popup message that an Approval reminder has been sent.

Approval Pic7

Chris then receives the reminder email in his inbox, flagged as a “Reminder”.

Approval Pic8

Please  visit following Blog outlining the same capability for the Purchase Orders More tips for sending an email reminder to your manager to approve your pending PeopleSoft Purchase Orders? Part 2.

Anup Maduskar

Principal Product Manager

Principal Product Manager at Oracle.

He works from the Bangalore office and has been with Oracle for over 15 years

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