More tips for sending an email reminder to your manager to approve your pending PeopleSoft Purchase Orders? Part 2

August 24, 2023 | 4 minute read
Anup Maduskar
Principal Product Manager
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In a previous blog we saw how you could configure the application to send a reminder email for the Approver of your Requisitions. Please see the first part of this seriesMay we suggest some tips for sending an email reminder to your manager to approve your pending PeopleSoft Requisitions? Part 1” posted on the Applications Strategy Blog site.

In this current blog we’ll discuss how to send a reminder email for Purchase Order approvals.

Please consider a similar business scenario to the Requisition Reminder:

Let’s meet the actors in this scenario:

Chris Baker – Buyer

Patrick Sanchez – Chris’s Manager and the Senior Buyer.

Chris has negotiated with their Supplier “Computers Unlimited Pty Ltd” to supply 100 urgently needed Computer Accessories-Optical Mouse . The supplier had also agreed to process the Purchase Order on a priority  basis to secure that large quantity at a well-negotiated price. However,  the Purchase Order seems to be sitting with Chris’s the senior Buyer, Patrick who is allowed to approve a purchase of this quantity and amount.  Chris realizes Patrick  may not be aware of the urgency in requiring his approval and Chris would like to gently remind him to consider approving more quickly.  PeopleSoft provides simple flexibility and functionality  to help Chris communicate with Patrick with a  reminder email.  

How to enable “Send Approval Reminder Button” functionality for Purchase Orders

Navigate to Purchase Order Authorizations Page of User Chris  Baker and enable “Can Send Approval Reminders” checkbox

Navigation: Type “User Preferences” in the Menu Search Box and choose Define User Preferences

User Preference

Drill Down Procurement> Purchase Order Authorizations

PO Authorization

Figure 1: Setting up User Preferences for Purchase Order Authorizations

Ensure the email address has been defined in the User Profile of the Approver Patrick Sanchez

Navigation: Type “User Profile” in the Menu Search Box and choose User Profiles

User ProfileEmail Address

Figure 2: eMail Set Up for User Doing the Approval

Here is an example of how to send a reminder email for Purchase Order pending an Approval.

As stated earlier Chris  has submitted Purchase Order for the Wireless Optical Mouse for a quantity 100 each.


Figure 3: Purchase Order Requiring Approval

Patrick,  the approver, had received an initial  email to his  Inbox requesting approval for Chris’s PO.

1st email

Figure 4: Initial eMail to the PO Approver Requesting Approval

After waiting for a day or so Chris  navigates to the Buyer’s Workbench, searches for his Purchase Order and clicks on ‘Send Approval Reminder’ button. The system confirms with a popup message that the Approval reminder has been sent.

Navigation: Type “Buyer Workbench” in the Menu Search Box and choose Buyer’s Workbench of Purchasing

Buyer WBBuyers Work Bench

Figure 5: eMail Reminder Confirmation message

Once again, Patrick  receives an  email in his inbox, but the subject line now includes “Approval Reminder” to indicate it is in reference to an existing outstanding approval.

Reminder Email

Figure 6: eMail Reminder Message to the Approver

With this reminder capability for both the Requisition and the Purchase Order, Requesters and Buyers have the opportunity to send a gentle reminder to the approvers to ensure timely action for Procurement efficiencies.

Anup Maduskar

Principal Product Manager

Principal Product Manager at Oracle.

He works from the Bangalore office and has been with Oracle for over 15 years

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