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    October 25, 2019

Personalize My Team

Julie Alonso
Product Management Director

The My Team pages allow managers to see at a glance a range of human resources information for their direct line reports, including job information, contact information, leave balances, performance data, and compensation data. A new feature delivered in PeopleSoft HCM Image 32 is the ability to personalize the My Team page for Managers.

Step 1 (Log in RCHANNING/RCHANNING a Manager) – Below is the delivered My Team page (pre-image 31).

Step 2 (Log in PS/PS a PS Administrator) – Use the new setup page to configure the My Team for your Managers.

Navigation - Set Up HCM>Common Definitions>My Team Configuration>Configure My Team

The My Team setup page allows you to:

1.  Change the tab order display

2. Change the Tab label (ex. updated from Summary to My Team Summary)

3. Hide a page from displaying (ex. Using a 3rd party leave software not PeopleSoft Absence Management)

4. Add a ‘custom’ page using Drop Zones (ex. tab for Employee Birthdays or Anniversary Dates)

Additional Information – Click on link to learn how to configure using Drop Zones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNODb6NJQYs

Configure My Team and Save page.

Step 3 (Log in as RCHANNING/RCHANNING - Manager).  My Team page has been configured to 1) have new tab description 2) Leave Balances Tab as been hidden and 3) New Tab ‘My Team Birthday’s has been added using Drop Zones.



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