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    March 22, 2020

PeopleSoft eProcurement: Quick access to deep product integration through eye-catching icons

June Yee
Product Strategy Manager

When you need to requisition items. . .

. . . you want powerful and flexible search capabilities to find the exact item you want, quickly.  While at the same time, you need key information readily available to help you control and manage spend.  Essential questions you ask yourself when you peruse through items from your search are:

Which item is on contract?  Is this item available in inventory?

Quick answers to questions like these help you manage and control spend while you decide which item to select for purchase. 

Let’s see how PeopleSoft eProcurement handles this.

Use the simple tile navigation to initiate the process for creating your requisition:


For the purpose of demonstration, let’s say you enter “laptop” as your keyword search for items:


Your keyword search returns several laptop items for you to choose:


Notice the eye-catching visual indicators give you immediate feedback.  Without leaving your screen, you can quickly identify which laptops are on contract:  and whether these items are in your inventory: .  In this example, the inventory indicator displays a checkmark to indicate inventory is available for this item.  Whereas an indicator with a triangle and exclamation point:  indicates inventory is not available.  You can also tell from the visual indicators, that price breaks: are offered for this item.  Notice also, the star:next to the supplier’s name for the following item, which tells you this item is from a preferred supplier.  


Full Enterprise Integration

PeopleSoft eProcurement integrates with your entire suite of enterprise management applications. 

For example, tap on the 'Contract' visual indicator, to view Procurement Contract details about this item, without having to leave your shopping page: 


View inventory availability details directly from the requisition page:

View supplier’s price break details for this item by tapping the 'Price Break' visual indicator:


By sharing common data structures across the entire PeopleSoft suite of applications, such as Procurement Contracts, Inventory, Supplier, and more, the PeopleSoft Fluid Requisition has the unique ability to access this information directly and provides a unique level of visibility out of the box.  Many other online procurement solutions would need to build and maintain this visibility and access ERP information as a customization.


Want more information?

If you are interested in learning about more eProcurement Fluid Requisitions features, watch the video called: PeopleSoft eProcurement Fluid Requisition below or from the PeopleSoft Video Channel.   

Also, visit PeopleSoftinfo.com for more information about the PeopleSoft eProcurement product.