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Varnish Enterprise on OCI Brings Powerful CDN Tech to Cloud

Espen Braastad
VP of Engineering, Varnish Software

Today more than ever, organizations require delivery of web content at lightning-fast speeds to support critical processes and live updates. Varnish Enterprise 6 – available to deploy directly from Oracle Cloud Marketplace – delivers high-performance content delivery and cloud-native CDN capabilities to Oracle’s next generation cloud infrastructure. It’s an ideal pairing that unlocks lightning-fast web and streaming services for enterprises looking to enhance and control their content delivery at scale, while managing costs. It’s a partnership where both parties are completely focused on high performance and cost efficiency to exceed the demands of modern enterprises and their most intensive content delivery processes, now and in the future.

Varnish Enterprise 6 is the Caching Layer that Powers the Internet

Varnish Enterprise is a caching proxy that accelerates content delivery and significantly reduces streaming latency, sitting between an enterprise’s critical infrastructure and their users and handling requests for content. Deploying Varnish Enterprise 6 for OCI in front of web servers reduces backend load by up to 99%, while accelerating the delivery of all content, from web pages to HD video, to unlock high performance and low latency for any audience size. Letting Varnish Enterprise 6 for OCI take care of content delivery enables unbeatable resilience, availability and flexibility, for complete control without the costs of building a CDN from scratch.

OCI for Performance, Resilience and Cost-Effectiveness

Deploying Varnish Enterprise 6 on OCI is a perfect pairing. By running pioneering content delivery software on leading cloud technology and infrastructure, consistently high performance is guaranteed, at any scale. The power of OCI’s core infrastructure matches Varnish Enterprise 6’s throughput potential; think 150Gb/s and more.

Varnish Enterprise 6 protects mission-critical infrastructure and content delivery operations from unprecedented demand, among other risks, so deploying it on OCI, with its pedigree of resilience and high availability, makes perfect sense. OCI’s dedication to performance and network efficiency enables Varnish Enterprise 6 to reach its potential as the backbone of cloud CDN deployments that put control over costs and delivery back in an enterprise’s hands.

True Edge Logic for the Next Generation of Cloud Computing

A key feature of Varnish Enterprise is Varnish Configuration Language, or VCL. This enables complete flexibility when it comes to content delivery, caching, traffic routing, load balancing and all the functions of which Varnish Enterprise 6 is capable. It adds edge logic functionality to content delivery operations, bringing the flexibility of edge computing to cloud services and moving decision making closer to users. OCI is well placed for deploying these edge computing capabilities, with an infrastructure platform that combines robustness, performance and scalability to enable real-time updates and routing to take place across the entire deployment with ease.

Building Customized Cloud CDNs

Building a custom CDN in the cloud using Varnish Enterprise 6 for OCI empowers enterprises to control their content delivery and deliver a fully optimized experience for users, without the costs of building from scratch. Using a flexible set of pre-built, pre-optimized origin protection and edge-caching components, Varnish Enterprise 6 for OCI enables the construction of CDNs and the ability to strategically locate points of presence (PoPs). Used in a hybrid setup, it can protect origin servers from the high demand brought in by existing CDN infrastructure, while also handling bulk traffic to minimize operating expenditure.

How the Partnership Works

Varnish Enterprise is available via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace on Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) terms. Start up the Varnish Enterprise on Oracle Cloud and then come to Varnish Software for the license. We handle Varnish Enterprise for OCI licensing and subscriptions in the same way we would for an enterprise setting up an on-premise instance of the software. Varnish Software also offers support for cloud instances of Varnish Enterprise.

What Can Varnish Enterprise 6 on OCI Do?

Deploying flexible, powerful caching technology on robust, highly performant cloud infrastructure unlocks a host of benefits and use cases:

●    Accelerate content delivery by caching it close to users with a highly configurable reverse proxy.
●    Deliver video live, OTT and on demand with high performance and availability, plus multi-terabyte edge storage.
●    Build customized CDNs using flexible tools to completely control content delivery.
●    Protect critical infrastructure by offloading traffic, to handle more users with less bandwidth.
●    Support unpredictable demand by scaling rapidly to deliver content at speed while protecting servers.
●    Control costs of content delivery by adding edge caching and origin protection to existing CDNs.
●    Compute at the edge to move decision making closer to users for an optimized experience.
●    Enhance application security with front and backend TLS, cache encryption and a web application firewall.

To learn more about Varnish Enterprise 6 please visit the listing on Oracle Cloud Marketplace today:

Oracle Cloud Marketplace: Varnish Enterprise 6

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