Silver Peak WAN Optimization in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Gilson Melo
Senior Principal Product Manager

We are pleased to announce the availability of Unity EdgeConnect, a software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution by Silver Peak. With Unity EdgeConnect companies can connect their branch offices to applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) over broadband internet, providing higher availability, better and more predictable bandwidth, lower latency, better application performance, and much lower costs than traditional dedicated WAN links. New branch offices can be added to the SD-WAN in minutes, as opposed to the lengthy provisioning cycles for a traditional WAN. Employees at the branch offices will enjoy faster and more reliable access to their business applications.

Unity EdgeConnect

Unity EdgeConnect includes embedded WAN optimization, and provides secure and reliable virtual overlays to connect enterprise branch locations to workloads in the Oracle Cloud. It pools and optimizes any combination of connectivity types (standard Internet, FastConnect, MPLS, LTE, etc.) into high-performance virtual WANs to deliver an unmatched user experience from branch to Oracle Cloud. Silver Peak software uses real-time optimization techniques to maximize available bandwidth and accelerate data mobility over the WAN, ensuring enterprise applications in Oracle Cloud perform super-fast.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Regions

This blog focuses on integration of Silver Peak EdgeConnect (virtual) on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for accelerating customer applications running in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. To provide data availability and durability, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables customers to select from infrastructure with distinct geographic and threat profiles. A region is the top-level component of the infrastructure. Each region is a separate geographic area with multiple, fault-isolated locations called Availability Domains. An Availability Domain is the sub-component of a region and designed to be independent and highly reliable. Availability Domains within the same region are connected by a secure, high-speed, low-latency network, which allows customers to build and run highly reliable applications and workloads with minimum impact to application latency and performance. Each region has at least three Availability Domains, which allows customers to deploy highly available applications.

Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect Portfolio creates a SD-WAN fabric that is used to provide secure, high-performance connectivity to interconnect enterprise branch locations with public clouds like Oracle Cloud, private clouds and service provider hosted services.  EdgeConnect instances are placed at enterprise branch locations as a physical or a virtual appliance, and in the OCI Virtual Cloud Network as a virtual appliance.  Silver Peak’s state-of-the-art WAN optimization technology is embedded within all EdgeConnect appliances.  The entire EdgeConnect solution is centrally managed thru Silver Peak’s Unity Orchestrator.

Here are some Silver Peak on Oracle Cloud Key use cases:

  • Distributed enterprises migrating workloads to Oracle Cloud IaaS (OCI or OCI-Classic) and PaaS
  • High-performance / high-availability access to Oracle Cloud and hybrid-cloud

Silver Peak value proposition for Enterprises in the Oracle Cloud is as follows:

  • Cost Savings – Silverpeak makes accessing enterprise applications running in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure even faster. Very fast access translates into quick access results in increased productivity, faster response times, quick resolution and cost savings for the end customer
  • Performance – With Silverpeak high throughput and low latency can be achieved in remote branch office offices for applications/workloads running in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Simplicity - A Silver Peak EdgeConnect Virtual (EC-V) appliance can be deployed easily in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to establish and enhance the WAN connectivity, and accelerate the migration of data from branch offices and data centers to OCI

Oracle & Silver Peak’s partnership provides a seamless experience to run your geographically distributed applications super-fast in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

To get started, please have a look at the joint collateral and videos available here:

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