Announcing email-friendly notifications from Service Connector Hub

March 9, 2021 | 2 minute read
Vimal Kocherla
Product Manager
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We are excited to launch email-friendly notifications for logs from the Service Connector Hub.

The Service Connector Hub helps you move data between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services and from OCI to third-party services. Service Connector Hub currently moves logs from the Logging service to services such as Object Storage, Streaming, Logging Analytics, and Monitoring, for compliance storage, analytics, and alarming purposes. It also triggers Functions for custom log processing and sends Notifications about changes to cloud resources by email, Slack, PagerDuty, and custom HTTPS webhooks.

What to expect

With today’s launch, our customers can choose in Service Connector Hub to receive email notifications for logs in a pretty, email-friendly format or as JSON messages. The new email-friendly notification format surfaces the following information in a simple format that makes it easier to parse a log:

  • Tenant Id

  • Compartment Id

  • Event type

  • Resource for which the log is generated

  • Log timestamp

  • Full log JSON message

The new email-friendly notification format augments our previous functionality, which sent email notifications for logs with JSON payloads. Customers who already have Connectors configured for receiving email notifications and customers interested in receiving email notifications with JSON payloads for automation have no changes. Customers who have configured to receive notifications through Slack, PagerDuty, and custom HTTPS webhooks also have no changes.

Getting started

Service Connector Hub support for email-friendly log notifications is available in all commercial regions now. To receive email-friendly log notifications, at the time of creating a Connector, select the Target as Notifications and set the Message Format radio button to Formatted. To learn more, see the Service Connector Hub documentation. Service Connector Hub is accessible through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console (under the Data and AI section), SDK, CLI, REST API, and Terraform.

Using the Service Connector Hub incurs no charges. You only pay for using the source and destination services between which it moves data.

We welcome you to sign up for the Oracle Cloud Free Trial or sign in to your account to experience Service Connector Hub for moving logs between your service and receiving notifications on them.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service Connector Hub now generally available

Vimal Kocherla

Product Manager

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