Learn the ABCs of Data Science Concepts

Mark Brunelli
Product Content Strategist

Data scientists are some of the most sought-after professionals on the planet. These highly skilled individuals work with all types of organizations, using scientific processes and algorithms to unlock valuable business insights hidden within mountains of structured and unstructured data.

But sometimes it can feel like data science concepts are cloaked in mystery. If you're one of the many nontechnical professionals increasingly being asked to collaborate with data science teams, you might be wondering, what are those scientific processes? And how do data scientists work their magic?

The good news is that the team at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and DataScience.com has the answers. Our new ebook, The Data Science ABCs, demystifies data science concepts, making it easier for nontechnical professionals and data scientists to work together productively.

Oracle acquired DataScience.com last year to provide customers with a single data science platform that leverages Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. DataScience.com centralizes data science tools and projects in a fully-governed workspace and removes the barriers to deploying machine learning models in production.

Data Science Is Everywhere

Over the last decade, data science has made its way into nearly every industry, from finance and hospitality to gaming and manufacturing. Data scientists use their skills to help agriculture businesses improve crop yield and to help customer service agents reduce customer churn. They’re even responsible for those automated recommendation engines that keep us glued to Netflix and improve our shopping experience with Amazon and other online retailers.

The list of ways that data scientists provide value to businesses goes on and on—and that's one of the reasons why data scientist is the most promising career of 2019, according to new research from LinkedIn. The networking site for business professionals found that data scientists saw a 56 percent increase in job openings in the US over the past year. And career-search site Indeed.com reports that data scientist job listings rose 75 percent from 2015 to 2018.

What does it all mean? If you haven't already encountered a data science team at your organization, there's a strong possibility you will someday soon.

Learn Data Science Concepts from A to Z

Did you ever wonder how data scientists use historical information to accurately predict the future? Or how graphical processing units helped advance the field of machine learning? Have you ever thought about neural networks and how they mimic the structure of biological nervous systems to find patterns and meaning in data?

Our new ebook doesn't just cover these and other data science concepts from A to Z, it also puts them into historical context and offers real-world examples of data science in action. For those interested in digging even deeper into data science, the ebook provides links to helpful resources and related information.

To learn the data science lingo and discover how data scientists are bolstering businesses around the globe, be sure to read our new ebook today.

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