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How TruGreen Got Two to Four Times Better Performance for JD Edwards

Tina Liu
Director, Product Marketing

TruGreen is arguably the largest and one of the most recognizable lawn care brands in the US. When I'm out walking the dog, I often find that the neighbors' yards that I envy the most all boast physical signposts indicating that they are cared for by TruGreen.

Because the company's business model and motto is all about "living life outside," they have an expansive team of seasonal and part-time employees in the field, and branches located all around the US. In addition, TruGreen operates multiple lines of business ranging from lawn care to mosquito defense, and supports not only residential but also commercial properties. Therefore, they need a comprehensive and modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that enables them to support and power their diverse lines of business and their distributed workforce. What's more, their ERP system needs to be backed by a high-performing and cost-effective infrastructure.

An Outdated Legacy Application Environment

TruGreen faced several challenges regarding their ERP application and the infrastructure supporting it:

  • The JD Edwards version that they were running had been inherited from their parent company, ServiceMaster. It had been released over 15 years ago and was no longer supported.
  • Their presentation layer leveraged outdated versions of IBM WebSphere, running on IBM DB2 Universal Database and AIX in the backend.
  • TruGreen had disjointed ERP processes, a result from historical merger and acquisitions (M&A) activity, and the obsolete technology was preventing them from streamlining operations for their many lines of business and over 13,000 employees.

In 2014, TruGreen spun off from ServiceMaster. This action served as a key trigger and perfect opportunity to modernize both their ERP application and the infrastructure that it ran on. The IT team knew they hadn't taken advantage of all the capabilities that modern JD Edwards had to offer, so they decided to upgrade their solution and to move to the cloud. They needed good technology partners that could help them get up and running in the new cloud environment as effectively as possible.

Needed Best Performing, Most Reliable Cloud Infrastructure for JD Edwards

TruGreen found a great partner in Velocity, which provided consulting and implementation services during their cloud transformation process. They considered both private and public cloud options and decided, in the end, to take a hybrid approach. TruGreen chose to archive their historical data in Velocity's private cloud offering, and they also wanted the best performing and most reliable cloud infrastructure for JD Edwards. Velocity recommended implementing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 with Oracle Database in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

TruGreen chose Oracle for several reasons. Not only was it the ideal IaaS to run JD Edwards, but TruGreen would also be able to take advantage of infrastructure and database services from a single vendor. The ability to purchase both IaaS and PaaS services through the Universal Credit pricing model was a key benefit.

Additionally, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure made it easier for enterprises to create a cloud environment that offered the same level of isolation as on-premises, something that TruGreen required. With Oracle's highly customizable and private virtual cloud network, TruGreen and Velocity were able to create subnets to isolate private resources from public ones.

Improved Performance and Streamlined Business Operations

Despite TruGreen's outdated legacy environment, Velocity was able to help them stand up their new JD Edwards environment quickly. They leveraged Oracle APIs and their own proprietary tools to accelerate deployment.

Since moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, TruGreen has already seen significant improvements in performance. Paul Shearer, Director of JD Edwards Professional Services at Velocity Technology Solutions, believes that TruGreen's JD Edwards implementation is performing two to four times better than average.

“Of the entire portfolio of JD Edwards customers Velocity hosts today, TruGreen is the most performant,” said Shearer.

Clif Lee, Director of Corporate Systems at TruGreen, added, "Our finance and branch teams that use JD Edwards are just ecstatic over the performance."

With Oracle, not only was TruGreen able to streamline business processes, but they now have a modern platform on which to build in additional capabilities, like multi-currency processing, to support their Canadian operations.

For more details about TruGreen's JD Edwards implementation in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including the quantifiable results that they are seeing so far, read the full case study.

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