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High Performance Boot Disk Now Up to 16 TB!

Max Verun
Principal Product Manager

You want a compute instance with a high-performance system boot disk of up to 16 TB? You now have it on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure! This is enabled for you immediately as a seamless service update to the recently announced boot volumes feature.

Our customers demand 300 GB or larger system disks, especially for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Some customer legacy applications are deployed to the system drive, taking significantly more space than our default operating system images provided. The large system boot disks we are announcing address this need, and continue to be provided by secure, durable, and high-performance Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes boot volumes.

When you launch a compute instance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you now have an option to customize its boot volume size to be equal to or larger than the size of the selected operating system image, up to a maximum 16 TB in 1 GB increments. Note that 16 TB is the current maximum block volume size, and we continue to raise it based on your feedback.

Larger boot volumes come to you with predictable and linearly scaling performance based on size, with better performance than smaller volumes, just like the block volumes. All boot volumes continue to be NVMe-SSD based with best-in-class block storage performance that is backed by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SLA at the competitive Block Volumes pricing. For example, with current pricing and performance characteristics as of the time of this writing, for a 1/2 TB boot volume you are guaranteed to get 25,000 IOPS with less than 1 msec 99-percentile latency for all types of workloads, and it will cost you $21 per month at the $0.0425 per GB-month rate. Boot volume consumption is metered and included in the block storage allocation for your tenancy, making it easy to plan and manage all your block storage needs with a simple model.

Aligned with our stance on simplicity, configuring a large boot volume takes only a few clicks when you launch an instance. The following example shows how to launch a compute instance with a large system boot disk:

Larger boot volume sizes can be customized for the following operating system image selections:

  • Oracle Operating System Image
  • Custom Image
  • Image OCID

Stay tuned for updates on additional features and capabilities. The Oracle team and I value your feedback as we continue to make our service the best in the industry. Send me your thoughts as we continue to partner in your cloud journey, or if you want more details on any topic.

Max Verun

Principal Product Manager, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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