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Extending Security from On-Premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Check Point

Phil Griston
Marketplace Segment Lead, Network and Security

Although the importance of maintaining a strong security posture when migrating to cloud is clear, many organizations are still struggling with different approaches for on-premises and cloud-based resources. This struggle results in a lack of consistent policy enforcement and the potential for exploitation. The poor visibility inherent in siloed environments further complicates matters, making timely identification of emerging trends and threats challenging at best.

A Joint Venture to Fight Security Breaches

With these gaps in visibility and subsequent attack vectors on the rise for many businesses today, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is proud to partner with Check Point Software Technologies. Check Point has been recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls for the past 20 years. Oracle and Check Point are coming together to deliver two best-in-class solutions for extending advanced security protections to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s public and hybrid environments: Check Point CloudGuard IaaS Next-Gen Firewall and Check Point CloudGuard IaaS Security Management.

CloudGuard IaaS Next-Gen Firewall

Now deployable from the Marketplace on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Check Point CloudGuard IaaS Next-Gen Firewall with Threat Prevention and SandBlast provides advanced, multilayered threat prevention to protect customer assets in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from malware and sophisticated threats. CloudGuard IaaS also provides secure remote VPN connectivity between your corporate on-premises networks and your deployments on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other clouds. Seamlessly integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, CloudGuard IaaS provides users with secure, remote access to corporate networks and resources working remotely or while traveling. Privacy and integrity of sensitive information is ensured through multifactor authentication, endpoint system compliance scanning, and encryption of all transmitted data. CloudGuard IaaS complements Oracle Cloud security controls to enable you to easily and seamlessly secure your remote workforce with elastic scalability and high availability.

Key protections available with CloudGuard IaaS:

  • Firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), antivirus, and anti-bot technologies: Protect services in the cloud from unauthorized access and prevents attacks.
  • Application Control: Helps to stop application-layer denial of service (DoS) attacks and protect hybrid cloud services.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Protects sensitive data from theft or unintentional loss.
  • Identity Awareness: Offers granular visibility of users, groups, and machines.
  • SandBlast Zero-Day Protection: Provides the most advanced protection against malware and zero-day attacks.

CloudGuard IaaS Security Management

With Check Point CloudGuard IaaS Security Management customers enjoy a single, unified security console, which delivers consistent policy management, logging, reporting, and control across all cloud and on-premises environments. A visual dashboard provides full visibility into security across the network, helping organizations monitor the status of enforcement points and stay alert to potential threats before damage is done. CloudGuard IaaS helps organizations by simplifying security management and policy enforcement across private, public, and hybrid cloud networks. IT organizations can now achieve an advanced security posture that adapts with applications as they migrate from data centers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Both products are available as paid listings, so you can include the license cost in your Oracle subscription and pay it with your existing Universal Credits. Bring-your-own-license (BYOL) options are also available if you have existing licenses that you want to deploy or if you want to procure them through other channels.

Want to Know More?

Are you ready to extend best-in-class security and visibility from Check Point to your Oracle Cloud environment? Visit the Marketplace listings today!

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  • Curtis Ingalls Tuesday, May 26, 2020
    We are proud to be partnering with Oracle Cloud and look forward to a great relationship!
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