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Covanta Migrates a PeopleSoft Application to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Mark Brunelli
Product Content Strategist

Energy-from-waste giant Covanta recently migrated a critical PeopleSoft implementation to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. But first the company ramped up security around its network edge with the Oracle Dyn Web Application Security platform.

Covanta—which offers a variety of waste management services—has long used Oracle PeopleSoft to run its finance, supply chain management, and procurement portal. The company initially managed the application on premises, and then moved to Oracle Managed Cloud Services, but the company recently decided that they were ready for the simplicity and automation of a public cloud deployment for their critical application stack. Citing benefits such as excellent support, faster provisioning, greater scalability, and lower management costs, Covanta migrated the PeopleSoft implementation to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

"We did an analysis and we looked at a couple of different options for the PeopleSoft application, including [Amazon Web Services], and we spent countless hours with the Oracle team," said Ben Cabrera, Covanta's Vice President and Chief Information Officer. "Everyone at Oracle stepped up to the plate, and now we're in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment."

As planning for the migration began, Covanta realized that it had additional security issues to address. With hackers increasingly targeting internet-facing applications, the company needed a higher level of security at the edge of its network. Following a successful proof of concept, Covanta decided to go live with a next-generation Web Application Firewall (WAF) from the cloud-based Oracle Dyn Web Application Security platform.

Oracle Dyn Web Application Security enabled Covanta to protect the PeopleSoft application from DDoS attacks and other threats before, during, and after the migration was complete. It also gives Covanta greater visibility into the different types of malicious traffic targeting internet-facing application environments.

"[Oracle Dyn Web Application Security] is definitely one of the higher-performing solutions in this space," said Jason Gonsalves, a security architect and manager at Covanta. "We're really happy with the capabilities, the output, and the integration."

Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Covanta embraces a multi-cloud strategy and had several options when deciding which cloud infrastructure was right for the PeopleSoft deployment. While the company uses Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services for other applications, they decided that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was the best choice for their mission critical business application stack because of the single vendor support model and optimization specifically for PeopleSoft.  What's more it allows Covanta to continue using Oracle management tools they are already successful with, including PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, an orchestration framework that enables users to easily provision and manage PeopleSoft within cloud environments.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure combines the elasticity and utility of a public cloud with the granular control, security, and predictability of on-premises infrastructure to deliver high performance, high availability, and cost-effective infrastructure services. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure makes it easier for companies like Covanta to provision new services and enhance existing ones over time.

"Compute resources are actually a lot better from a CPU utilization perspective. It's a huge improvement," said Karish Chowdhury, a cloud architect and manager at Covanta. "The environment is also in our control, so making a change that goes through development, QA, and production is much easier and less time consuming."

Among other tools, Covanta is using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure virtual cloud network (VCN) technology, which gives it complete control over the networking environment. By using VCNs, Covanta can assign its own IP address space, create subnets, create route tables, and configure firewalls.

"The VMs that we have been provisioning seem to be a lot better than what other cloud providers offer at the same level in terms of disk resolution, memory, and CPUs," Chowdhury said.

Watch Cabrera discuss Covanta's use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in this video:

Learn more about Covanta's migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure today.

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  • Paco Aubrejuan Tuesday, January 15, 2019
    Nice work Covanta and Oracle teams! Running PeopleSoft on OCI is definitely the way to go.
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