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8x8 Connects Millions Globally While Saving Millions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Ross Brown
VP Product Go-To-Market

Staying connected in these times is a challenge for nearly all teams and communities. Fortunately, there are solutions, like 8x8, that enable teams to connect from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Teams can stay productive and continue their daily business activities with as little disruption as possible, all at a manageable and fair cost from a cloud platform.

Connecting Businesses and Communities Locally and Globally

8x8 is a cloud communications company that provides free and paid secured video conferencing solutions to many top enterprises and organization globally. The Gartner Leader in Unified Communications as a Service is trusted by over 1 million business users worldwide for voice, chat, and secure video meetings.

Since the beginning of March 2020, 8x8 has had a surge in video meeting usage across its 8x8 video meetings and Jitsi.org service, with monthly active users growing globally to more than 20 million. For example, 30% of Italy’s secondary school teachers are using Jitsi.org open source video conferencing, which enables teachers to connect students to learning via video through the classroom collaboration platform WeSchool.

8x8 is also giving health care providers and practitioners access to 8x8 services to support safe and secure video conferences with patients and is offering premium services to those in need. As a company with a global workforce and years of experience keeping people connected, 8x8 has built systems designed to ensure that their solutions remain available to customers during challenging times.

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Building with Oracle’s Enterprise-Class Cloud

As a result of the sudden and rapid change in the way many organizations work and communicate, 8x8’s platform needed to hyperscale quickly to support increase in demand. They needed a public cloud provider that could provide that hyperscale but still guarantee service-level agreements (SLAs), while not costing a fortune in compute and network egress costs. When you have businesses, organizations, medical professionals, and educators all relying on the platform to communicate, quality and consistency of service is paramount. Their move to Oracle from Amazon Web Services (AWS) resulted in 80% cost savings.

“As global demand on our video meetings platform grew exponentially, we needed a partner to scale rapidly and cost effectively with us. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides industry-leading security, global reach, and an unmatched level of support combined with exceptional price and performance that we need now and in the future,” said Vik Verma, CEO of 8x8.

8x8 offers a scale, bi-directional video conference solution that requires consistent low network latency, significant outbound bandwidth, and scale compute services to deliver a great experience to users. When 8x8 moved to Oracle from AWS for improved, consistent performance and better global reach, they captured savings of 80% on network egress cost compared to AWS.

For resource-intensive applications like video conferencing, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers industry-leading price performance and value to customers. Running these intense workloads at scale gets expensive on other clouds. With Oracle, pricing is low and predictable across all regions and services. And Oracle backs performance claims with the best SLA in the business. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the only major cloud provider with an SLA that covers performance and manageability in addition to uptime requirements.

Staying Connected

These times are challenging for all of us, but Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is excited to be able to power 8x8 to help communities and businesses stay connected. With this collaboration, 8x8 is prepared to meet skyrocketing demand by combining their highly resilient and scalable cloud communication platform with Oracle’s enterprise-class cloud infrastructure. Oracle’s market-leading economics for outbound data transfer, I/O intensive storage, and compute instances make it the clear choice for innovative cloud companies.

These are just some of the unique economic advantages that Oracle Cloud has to offer our customers today. We have the tools, case studies, and references to show you how much you, like 8x8, can save over AWS. Take a test drive with our free trials, talk to your Oracle sales rep to get a custom estimate on your savings, or see for yourself how you can dramatically cut your cloud expenses while delivering more.

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