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Controlling Browser's Console Log Level in Visual Builder

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

One of the nice features in Oracle Visual Builder is the ability to track exactly what the application is doing at any point through regular browser dev tools - chief among them is the browser's console. This is very useful during the development stages (as shown in the blog entry about debugging VB apps), but once you go production you might want to reduce the output to the console to only critical info.

You can control the level of logging Visual Builder does by adding an entry into the app-flow.json file.

To find this file, switch to the source view of your application and locate the file under the web app section:

app-config file access

Then add this small section to the file:

  "logConfig": {
    "level": "error"

Values for the level can also be: warning, info, fine, and finer.

logging level defined

This controls the amount of output you'll see in the console. Just run your app and you'll see the difference.




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