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How to #InnovateWithIntent at your utility

We always like to talk to people: utilities folks, consultants, field workers, engineers. Some of our best ideas come from social crowdsourcing from this massive global industry we’re a proud part of.

So, we recently tapped into the pop-up social community around DistribuTECH 2019 (#DTECH2019), happening next week in New Orleans, to get some insights on our latest obsession: how we can all #InnovateWithIntent.

Here are some of our favorite responses across Twitter and LinkedIn.

We asked: How can every utility Innovate with Intent in 2019?

Nearly 400 people liked the tweet (and 74 people retweeted it). So, we definitely struck a chord. Utilities are working overtime to understand how to get ahead of an evolving business model, more complicated customer demands and more intricate grid interconnections.

Here are some of our favorite answers to that “how” question.

1. With data. It’s all about the data.

But it’s also about how you present the data, how the data’s read, what data you’re talking about and what you’re doing with the data. So, it’s data in context. Thanks to Sabreez, European Utility Week’s Paddy Young and Jim Horstman (on LinkedIn) for their conversation starters.

2. With customer-first thinking. It’s all about the customer (even the data).

Everything should be customer-centric, from those areas of the utility we expect to be (like call centers and CSRs) to those that we typically think of as a bit distanced from the consumer (like the grid itself). Thanks to Ben Lind, one of our new fave social influencers in this space, Jonathan McClelland, the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (on LinkedIn) and Ashley Nicholls (on LinkedIn) for these conversation starters.

3. With smarter planning (for the customer and the data and for standards compliance, too).

Whether you’re building the next best DER-encrusted cutting edge grid or keeping the one you got humming along at breakneck speed, it’s good strategy to think through contingencies and how to utilize and optimize with standards. So, let’s detail out the path. Thanks to Jenn Runyon, DataCapable’s Zac Canders (on LinkedIn), Areg Bagdasarian (on LinkedIn) and EPRI’s Gerald Gray for these conversation starters.

4. With all hands on deck.

The key to all of the above (using data, focusing on the customer, forming strategies) is having the workers to spend the time and effort on the concepts and the heavy lifting. So, to innovate across any arena, you’ve got to have a team in it to win it across the board. Thanks to one of our fabulous favorites in any industry conversation, Kevin O’Donovan, and Zpryme’s Jason Rodriguez (on LinkedIn) for these conversation starters.


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