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Docker Image for Oracle integration (OIC) Connectivity Agent by Antony Reynolds

Juergen Kress
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This image retrieves the Oracle Connectivity Agent from an OIC instance and runs it in a docker container. For more information about the Oracle Integration Connectivity Agent please see Manage the Agent Group and the On-Premises Connectivity Agent in the Oracle Integration documentation. The container automatically connects to your OIC instance and downloads the agent zip file. This image is built on top of the Oracle Java 8 SE (Server JRE) container. A github project contains the build instructions if a customized image is required.

Running the Image

The script run.sh can be used to run the image. I makes use of the script agent_env.sh If the profile properties file (default agent.env) has no entry for the oic_PASSWORD then the container will be started in the foreground to allow entry of the username/password. If the container is started in the foreground after entering the username/password it is recommended to detach from the container (default keystroke is ^P^Q). The run.sh uses a volume to store the agent binaries and configuration. When the container exits the container is removed but the volume persists. The volume is named with the container name. The script uses the following environment variables that are defaulted if not set: Read the complete article here.

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