HR Notifications: New features making employee communications faster and easier

May 12, 2020 | 2 minute read
Lisa Chow
Product Management Director
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Communicating with employees has become more important than ever in this fast-changing environment.  PeopleSoft has delivered 6 new enhancements in Image 34 which make sending out communications faster and easier for both users and administrators.  There is a mix of enhancements to aid users and enhancements for administrators.

User Enhancements

  • Enter a sender email address
  • Specify a priority for sending an email
  • Preview the recipient list
  • Simplified recipient setup

Administrator Enhancements

  • View summary log of emails sent
  • View, edit, delete any notification

The first user enhancement is the ability to enter a Sender Email Address.  You can now enter any email address as the sender of an email notification.  If you have a central mailbox, such as a Payroll Helpdesk, you can use that email address as the Sender address rather than using your own or the system address.  When sending the email you can also choose the priority.

Another user enhancement is the ability to preview the recipient list either while creating the recipient or when creating the notification.  This gives you a clear picture of who should be receiving the notification.  The last user enhancement simplifies the setup of a recipient by skipping the Select Prompt Record and Select Search Fields pages if you are using a query that doesn’t require any prompts.

On the administrator side two enhancements have been delivered.  The first is a page where the summary log of emails that were sent can be viewed.  When creating the email notification you can decide whether to capture all emails sent, or just the exceptions.  The Log Details will show you which emails failed and the reason why they failed. 

The last enhancement gives an administrator role read-only or read/update access to all notifications in case the sender is not available but the notification needs to be corrected or deleted.

These enhancements will not only make sending out communications faster and easier, but will also help to ensure that it goes to the right people and lets you know when it isn’t delivered.

To see more about the enhancements please watch the PeopleSoft Update Image 34 Highlights video:  


Additional Resources:

PeopleSoft Info Portal


Lisa Chow

Product Management Director

Lisa Chow is the Oracle PeopleSoft Product Management Director within the Strategy organization focusing on the Time and Labor, Absence Management and Compensation products.  She has 25 years of experience in Strategy and Consulting roles and over 28 years of experience with the PeopleSoft product. 

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