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By Way of Introduction...

Andy Little
Technical Director

With this inaugural post to Inside Document Automation, I'm going to introduce myself, and what my aim is with this blog.  If you didn't figure it out already by perusing my profile, my name is Andy and I've been with Oracle (nee Skywire Software nee Docucorp nee Formmaker) since the formative years of 1998.  Strangely, it doesn't seem that long ago, but it's certainly a lifetime in the age of technology.  I recall running a BBS from my parent's basement on a 1200 baud modem, and the trepidation that accompanies the sweaty-palmed excitement of upgrading to the power and speed of 2400 baud!  I'll admit that perhaps I'm inflating the experience a bit, but I was kid!  This is the stuff of War Games and King's Quest I and the demise of TI-99 4/A.  Exciting times.  So fast-forward a bit and I'm 12 years into a career in the world of document automation and publishing working for, in my humble opinion, the best software company on the planet. 

With Inside Document Automation I hope to peek under the covers, go behind closed doors, lift up the hood and bang on the fenders of the tech space within Oracle Documaker.  I may delve off course a bit, and you'll likely get a dose of humor (at least in my mind) but I hope you'll glean at least a tidbit of usefulness with each post as I shed a little light in the underpinnings of our software.  Feel free to comment as I'm a fairly conversant guy and happy to talk -- it's stopping the talking that's the hard part... So read on!

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