5 AI-ML talks to attend at Oracle CloudWorld 2023

August 14, 2023 | 3 minute read
Erin Dawson
DevRel Communications Manager
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Oracle CloudWorld is a wild, wonderful world of technical talks, demos, and hands-on labs representing the very best expertise in cloud technology.

There’s so much expertise, though, that it can be difficult to decide what you want to get out of it. So maybe let’s narrow things down.

If AI/ML appeals to you, you’re in luck.

We’ve shortlisted some AI/ML talks we think you’ll not just love, but from which you’ll glean practical takeaways, whether you attend Oracle CloudWorld 2023 in-person or digitally.

Train Your Own Machine Learning Model with League of Legends Data


If you’re a gamer (and even if you’re not), this is a special hands-on lab.

Oracle’s Nacho Martinez leverages the power of AI with League of Legends in a unique and innovative way. With Nacho, you’ll dive deep into extractable data (accessible through the game’s API), how to structure this data, and how to use it to train your own machine learning model to generate real-time predictions about any match.

Welcome to Bistro AI: Create an AI-Powered Recipe Generator


Forget about ChatGPT–let’s create ChefGPT!

You have ingredients in the fridge and pantry, but no ideas on how to cook them. With the help of generative AI, in this session you’ll create a vision model to recognize items in the fridge and pantry, extract the right entities, and pass them to a pre-trained recipe generator to decide what to make. Fine-tune the model to address special needs like vegetarian, gluten free, and more. Then, run the generator for recipe ideas that maximize deliciousness. Boring meals will be a thing of the past--and you’ll have brushed up your generative AI skills too.

Lyudmil Pelov is going to make an (AI) chef out of you!

The Beginner’s Guide to Building Custom Language AI Models


This live lab demonstrates how to extract insights from unstructured text with no machine- learning knowledge.

OCI Language Service provides suite of services to distill a deeper understanding of opinions with sentiment analysis, identify key phrases and extract named entities such as people, places and organizations to understand common subjects and patterns. You can use out of the box pre-trained models and customize the models to suit a specific domain.

Use Your Words: Create a Conversational User Experience with OCI AI Services


Oracle’s William Jones wants to help you work on conversation skills (with OCI AI Services).

Sure, chatbots provide fast and ready answers 24/7, but it can be difficult to fully replicate the ability of a live agent to respond to the user’s reactions during the discussion. In this workshop, you’ll create a Digital Assistant flow and then integrate OCI Language to detect user sentiments and add sentiment analysis to the Digital Assistant flow. By integrating OCI Digital Assistant with OCI Language, you’ll drive a deeper understanding and richer responses to your conversations.

Detecting Deep Fakes with Faceswap on OCI


In this workshop, you’ll learn how to run the deepfake application Faceswap on a GPU virtual machine on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You’ll cover all steps from the provisioning and the preparation of the instance, to utilizing GPU cores to run the Python script (Faceswap GAN) for the extraction of the faces, training the GAN, and the conversion of the swapped face in a video.

You’ll learn about:

  • GPU Compute

  • Virtual machines

  • Deep learning

Don’t forget, this list is just a small preview of the AI/ML demos you’ll enjoy at Oracle CloudWorld 2023 in Las Vegas, NV.



Erin Dawson

DevRel Communications Manager

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