MicroTx Enterprise Edition is Now Available

December 7, 2023 | 3 minute read
Todd Little
Chief Architect, Transaction Processing Products
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Oracle is pleased to announce that the Enterprise Edition of MicroTx previewed at Oracle CloudWorld 2023 is now available for download.  Available as a separate download, MicroTx Enterprise Edition provides the following features above and beyond what is provided in the Free Edition:

  1. Clustered Transaction Coordinator – the MicroTx transaction coordinator can now be deployed in a cluster providing high availability and high performance.  The number of replicas of the coordinator can by dynamically scaled out or in as required to achieve the necessary level of performance.
  2. Transaction Recovery – the outcome of transactions is durably recorded and recoverable by any member of the transaction coordinator cluster.  This ensures that all participants in a transaction will be notified of their outcome, even if a transaction coordinator instance fails.
  3. Transaction Store – the MicroTx transaction coordinator can persist transaction state to either etcd or Oracle Database based upon configuration.
  4. Transaction Caching – transaction state information maintained by the coordinators is now cached to improve performance
  5. MicroTx Console – an administrative console is provided that allows users and administrators to:
    • View in flight transaction information
    • View performance and health metrics of the coordinator cluster
    • Manage transactions - commit or rollback transactions with heuristic outcomes
    • View number of transactions for each transaction pattern that were:
      1. Processed
      2. Confirmed/Committed
      3. Cancelled/Rolledback
      4. Completed heuristically
    • View configuration of the coordinator
  6. RAC Support – participants can now use RAC based databases in XA transactions.  MicroTx tracks which RAC instance participants are using and ensures that a transaction branch doesn’t span RAC instances.
  7. Common XID – the MicroTx coordinator for XA transactions will now try to minimize the number of branches by reusing existing branches if possible, instead of creating new branches.  This provides performance improvements when multiple participants use the same resource manager.  If all the participants are using the same resource manager, the transaction will end up being a single branch that can be committed with a one phase commit, eliminating the need for the prepare phase.
  8. XA Transaction Promotion – this feature allows a transaction to start as a local RM transaction and only when another resource manager may become involved in the transaction does it get promoted to a full XA transaction.  This is currently only supported with Oracle Database.
  9. Grafana Dashboards – the MicroTx coordinators now provide metrics that can be collected by Prometheus and visualized using predefined dashboards in Grafana.
  10. Unlimited Transactions – the Free edition of MicroTx has a limitation of 4,800 transactions/hour.  This limit is removed in the Enterprise Edition, so production deployments are free to process as many transactions as needed.

With this release, MicroTx is now ready for your production deployments.  MicroTx EE is licensed as part of GoldenGate for Distributed Applications and Analytics. Get started for free using MicroTx Free and then upgrade to MicroTx EE when moving to production. For more information including where to download, links to documentation, samples, and LiveLabs, and more, see the MicroTx home page. For a very brief introduction to the problems MicroTx solves, check out this video.

Todd Little

Chief Architect, Transaction Processing Products

I'm currently the Chief Architect for a family of transaction processing products at Oracle including Oracle Tuxedo product family, Oracle Blockchain Platform, and the new Oracle Transaction Manager for Microservices.  My main areas of focus are on security, privacy, confidentiality, performance, and scalability.  My job is to provide the technical strategy for these products to ensure they meet customer requirements.


Prior to being acquired by Oracle, I was Chief Architect for BEA Tuxedo at BEA Systems, Inc. While at BEA Systems, I was responsible for defining the technical strategy and direction for the Tuxedo product family. I developed the Tuxedo Control for WebLogic Workshop that greatly simplified the usage of Tuxedo services from Workshop based applications. I also received two patents for methods allowing design patterns in a UML modeling tool to control the generation of software artifacts.


During my more than 40 years of software architecture and development experience, I have worked on a wide range of software systems and technology. At Science Applications International I worked on microcoded plasma display systems and command, control, and communication systems for naval applications. As a senior software consultant at Digital Equipment Corporation, I was the New York Area Regional Tools Consultant and also helped develop a multi-language multi-threaded distributed object oriented runtime environment with concurrent garbage collection.

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